Why Advertise with GUM?

We appreciate that it’s an important question that you’re going to ask: why should companies use this publication to increase their revenue and profile?

Students listen to GUM. It’s designed for students and young adults of Glasgow, by students of Glasgow, and as a result it’s got its finger on the pulse. GUM is contemporary and sophisticated: there’s an excitement around campus for the magazine, and people are influenced by it. Students themselves have a lot of time, and disposable income, so targeting them can significantly improve sales and interest in your organisation. 

GUM has exclusive distribution access to the Glasgow University campus. Other publications do not have this access to leave their magazines on campus as they are not a university publication.  This means that GUM would be able to expose advertisement holders to an extremely high number of students.

2000 copies of the magazine are distributed throughout Glasgow. We target popular student locations such as bars, cafes and clubs. The circulation of the magazine is around 16,000. We also ensure that all buildings on campus are stocked with the magazine, so that students know exactly where to find the publication. Copies are regularly replaced: the magazine is constantly available for the entirety of the term. GUM is about 40 pages in length and is just under A4 (267×210) in size with simple, full colour design focusing on original art and great photography.

We also ensure that there are posters detailing the content of the magazine, and any news that the magazine has, throughout campus so that people are constantly aware of it.

The magazine is released three times in the academic year.