Mummy Short Arms EP Launch – “It’s a Glasgow thing, y’know?”

Saturday the 12th of November saw the release of Mummy Short Arms’ single ‘Change’ at Pivo Pivo. In the back of the bar’s kitchen, the band talked to GUM about life as Mummy Short Arms, a band’s life in Glasgow and what the future holds for them.

Words by Tom Clarke, Photos by Jassy Earl

Mummy Short Arms have been kicking around Glasgow for a while now. “I think we’ve been going since 2003” muses James Allan, the bands singer and harmonica player as the band begin to divulge their history. Aside from Allan, the band are Fraser Gillies on guitar, Garry Pinkerton on drums, Stuart Brown also on guitar, Dean McClure on keys, Cameron Findlay on bass and Craig Brown who purportedly does “many things within the band”. Having started out as a three piece, the band have come a long way from their origins of covering The Cranberries and The Pixies with Fraser on vocals. Picking up Dean “because he’s a keyboard master plus he had a microkorg (synthesizer) before the guy from The Killers”, and moving James onto vocals, Mummy Short Arms have come to create a sound that, as Cameron puts it, is simply “quite different from what a lot of bands (in Glasgow) are doing”. It is a sound that is defined most notably by Allen’s rough, howling and whooping voice that has drawn comparisons to Captain Beefheart in reviews and interviews and which is reminiscent of Isaac Brock’s vocals with Modest Mouse.

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Review: Hyde & Beast @ Captain’s Rest, 8th November

What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians?

–          A drummer.

Yeah, ok, never really great are they? Regardless, everyone knows at least one drummer joke. In fact there’s a whole website dedicated to them. It’s called; almost as simple as the subject matter (ZING). I never was good at jokes. Anyway… this incessant rambling about drummer jokes is actually relevant, I swear. This is because there’s something rather peculiar about Hyde & Beast, the indie-psych-rock duo from Sunderland; they are both better known for being drummers in bands The Futureheads (Dave Hyde) and Golden Virgins (Neil Bassett).  So what happens when two drummers get together and make some music? In this case – magic.

The duo brought their brand of laid back, harmony drenched cosmic pop to Glasgow’s Captain’s Rest on Tuesday 8th November, bringing their music alive with the help of four other musicians. The crowd were few but the band filled the room with tunes from their debut album ‘Slow Down’, which was released this summer.

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Preview – Azari and III @ The Arches – 12th November

A visual feast, Azari & III take to the cavernous stage of  The Arches as part of a UK & Europe-wide tour this autumn – Saturday 12th November 11pm-3am. Here, Marcus Jack inspects their sound  in expectation of their performance.

Grace Jones meets Justice; Azari & III are a four-piece from Toronto shaking house music to its ancient roots. Composed of producers Christian Farley and Alphonse Lanza (aka Dinamo Azari and Alixander II) and vocalists Fritz Helder and Cedric Gasiada their unique set up provokes a sense of performance and theatre.

Akin to two almost-mechanical electroclash Caesars manipulating their two vocalist marionettes – who reference everything from Prince to Peaches – the group are a response to the mutilated house genre. A brilliant, sultry and decadent debut – the result is intoxicating.

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Creatures of The Night @ Ashton Lane

With Pendulum, Foals, Capitals and Boycotts – 29th October

There are a number of things which first raised my suspicions in this Halloween event – The fact that it was run by a massive beer company (down wiv capitalism!), doubts it would be ‘the Halloween party to end them all’ it claimed and I suppose this is just snobbery, but the Pendulum DJ set.

It started of relatively gently with brilliant sets from local bands Boycotts and Capitals. They managed to pull in decent crowds and gave full on performances despite the tiny space of Brel’s conservatory. It does seem like I’m championing the underdog here, but it really is too easy when over at the Grosvenor Café, Pendulum took to the podium to inevitably reign over the whole event.

Yes, I have beef with Pendulum. I just can’t get over their relentless build ups and break downs and constant touring of an album released in 2008 – October must be a quiet time for the band, what with the Fresher’s Week season well and truly finished 2 months ago. Whilst there was an inordinate amount of fist pumping wankers at the front, Pendulum can only be applauded for filling such a large space and getting what felt like 3785 people bouncing simultaneously.

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Review – Musicbox ‘Double Bill’ with Kitty The Lion and Bear Bones @ Stereo

On 20th October Megan Donald visited Stereo to see some quality emerging talent and to try to understand the state of the much debated  ‘folk-pop’.   Photos by Fiona Boyd.

Looking back at the preview I wrote for Musicbox ‘Double Bill’, it is admittedly heavy in hyperbole. It’s too easy a path to stumble down when you want to convey boundless enthusiasm but are, as ever, pushed for time/a bit lazy. Waving about such high claims is a very precarious thing to do: “A finer collection of Scottish acoustic artists would be near impossible to find”, I declared. Re-reading this and a massive ‘REALLY?’ rings in my head. In hindsight though, perhaps my slight idleness can be brushed aside – Musicbox ‘Double Bill’ really was impressive.

And pulling off a night dedicated to folk pop is no easy thing. As a genre it’s especially prone to crappy impersonators – open mic regulars with acoustic guitars, where the only relief is the chance appearance of a tambourine. This gig proved that this luckily isn’t folk’s fate.  With a total of 4 acts playing, there was a fine balance between stylistic variety and cohesiveness between the bands, meaning the night never dragged but managed to demonstrate the breadth of styles which are usually lumped together under the genre. In fact it helped dissolve the acoustic, Arran jumper-wearing stereotype – it was unpretentious, loud and there weren’t really that many beards. To understand a bit more about the artists involved I spoke to them about their own distinctive styles, and tried to see what links them.

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Death Disco October – Half Price Passes!

Another month, another Death Disco!

On Saturday 15th October, The Arches holds its regular poly-sexual electronic extravaganza in the name of Glasgay!, the city’s renowned queer arts festival. This night in particular is  ridden with trashy disco wonders, not least with the endlessly inventive and bizarre Peaches.

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Double Sight – Holly Calder takes you back a generation

Contributor Sophie McGraw meets up with local DJ Holly Calder to discuss Glasgow’s alternative  mod-tastic psych scene with special mention to upcoming 60’s weekender, Double Sight.

A stroll down Sauchiehall Street on a Friday night with the gals clad in skirts that could pass for belts hanging outside the sticky-floored Garage to the constant chorus of Sex on Fire booming out of Campus (yes, still), it can often have you wondering where Glasgow gets it’s reputation of having a diverse, vibrant clubbing scene. Granted, the techno and house nights are a-plenty with places like Sub Club and Vitamins events offering something fresh for your ears but for a trip (no pun intended) back in time to when the clothes were smarter and the tunes were played by DJ’s sans laptops, Glasgow’s 60’s scene is thriving.

Local psych and garage DJ Holly Calder (EWO/Double Sight), told us how she believes Glasgow to be one of the best places to be in the UK right now for 60’s lovers, hosting a variety of different club nights catering for whatever genre you’re into, be it psychedelic, ska, northern soul or R&B, or if you’re looking for a bit of everything. These nights go on in a variety of venues around the city centre, some of note being Put The Records On, Eyes Wide Open, Friday Street, Grow Your Own and Freakbeats.

However, after spending time DJ’ing around Europe, being influenced by the atmosphere and music played, the girls behind Eyes Wide Open (Holly Calder and Sarah Quinn), decided to take the plunge and organise a garage and psych weekender in Glasgow. With a priority of playing ‘danceable’ music, the kind of stuff to expect will range from 60s pop, to psychedelic, garage and freakbeat. Bands like The Beatles, The Stones, The Doors and The Small Faces are sure to get played along with some of the more experimental of 60s music, often done by one hit wonders, with a heavy focus on guitar music from the period.

Attracting a diverse crowd, Holly informed us that there will be people coming from Sweden, France, Italy, Austria, Ireland and Brazil especially for Double Sight. Keen to show them how Glasgow does it, there will be a definite party atmosphere throughout the events.


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Preview – Musicbox ‘Double Bill’ with Kitty The Lion and Bear Bones @ Stereo, 20th October

20th October sees showcasers Musicbox travel up to Glasgow having started out in Brighton last year, where they collected local acoustic talent and provided them with a platform to perform. Using the same idea in Stereo, Musicbox is bringing you Kitty and The Lion, Bear Bones, Chasing Owls and Bella Spinks, but this by no means demonstrates quantity over quality.

A finer collection of Scottish acoustic artists would be near impossible to find as these bands are the names to drop if you’re into emerging local music. Beguiling twee-pop musicians Kitty the Lion and 8 piece folk ensemble Bear Bones head the night with support from the charming Chasing Owls and Bella Spinks. Expect music that has a gentle heart full of hometown memories, bizarre oddities and amusing experiences. GUM will be attending of course and having a thoughtful pint with the night’s performers so if the event itself is not enough for you, look forward to reading more about the artists in a future feature!

Found out more about it here at their Facebook event page:

And here’s something to get you going for now and give you an idea of the splendours that await…

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Subcity Nightvision – A Review

If you weren’t dressed as a giraffe (for the GUSA party, that is) on Wednesday 14th September, then likely stuff you were at Subcity Nightvision, the first party of the academic year held by Glasgow Univesity’s Subcity Radio.  Held in SubClub, Glasgow’s mecca of clubbing cool, the night gave freshers a break from the whole student union scene and plunged them into the darkness of Glasgwegian electronic music.

It all began with a bus tour around Glasgow, which highlighted the delights the West End has to offer from the top of a rather breezy blue bus. Acting as tour guides were Subcity’s Deadbeat Club who unleashed such hilariously useful snippets of information as where to meet a halal butcher at 5am. Off the bus, and it was into the venue where spidery green lighting transformed SubClub into a post-industrial beating heart, a musical Gotham City.

With a line-up ranging from music collective Bigfoot’s DJ to the infectious, minimal techno of Animal Hospital, it was a truly a night that initiated everyone into the ways of Glasgow’s vast music scene. Smooth, loungy soul gave way to harder dubstep and italo with occasional slices of delightfully obscure RnB. This really is as heady a night as you will get in Glasgow so make sure you don’t miss the next one.

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Live Review: Wireless Festival, London 02.07.11
Photo: RN Smith

Live Review: Wireless Festival, London 02.07.11

Gerry Moore

Since it was first established in 2005, The Wireless festival has proved itself a worthy contender to rival any heavyweight  summer festival. Wireless has brought a consistently impressive line-up right into the heart of London at its Hyde Park site for its annual 3-day weekender. This year’s edition was the biggest yet, running from Friday 1st July through Sunday 3rd, delivering some top quality acts to some 140,000 punters over the course of the weekend. Under perfect blue skies, the crowds built steadily over the course of Saturday afternoon.

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Kelburn Garden Party – Preview – 2nd/3rd July

This weekend let’s hope it’s a scorcher in Scotland for the Kelburn Garden Party, which is fast-becoming one of the country’s favourite fixtures on its festival calendar. Billed as ‘two days of musical magic and hi-jinx in a fairytale setting’, this is one summer festival that won’t disappoint. Set in the grounds of Kelburn Castle near Largs, the event boasts cross-cutting acts across a range of genres. These range from ‘from folkies, rockers and funk brothers to clubbers, dubbers and jazzers’ we are reliably informed. The festival prides itself on being free from corporate ties. You won’t find any shameless plugging of brands here: it’s all about the music and the festival spirit. More than merely music, festival activities include workshops, acoustic sessions, poetry, walks in the glen, mystery gigs in secluded spots and performance art and theatre, all in the idyllic setting of the grounds of Kelburn Castle.

The venue is equipped with three stages and a dance tent, as well as the many hidden spaces for pop-up events and gigs. This venue has hosted two successful mini-festivals earlier this summer – The Viewpoint Sessions in June and July, both to great acclaim. The festival is an inclusive day-to-night event, and weekend tickets cost only 55+BF, including camping. Children and families are welcome (under 13’s free), and fancy dress is encouraged during the revelry. The impressive line-up favours homegrown talent, with some big names from Glasgow including Sons & Daughters, JD Twitch, Mungo’s Hifi and Jackmaster.

Kelburn’s organisers invite you to ‘So, come one and all, discover Scotland’s quirkiest, funkiest boutique festival for yourself; come dance with us,and share in our dream, built with only you in mind.’

With Thanks to Astrojazz & Kelburn Productions

Tickets are limited to just 700 this year. Outlets/prices are:
Standard: £55+BF
Day Tickets: TBC (depends on demand)

At Ticketweb:

RIPPING RECORDS, South Bridge, Edinburgh
TICKETS SCOTLAND, Rose Street, Edinburgh

RUB-A-DUB, Howard Street, Glasgow
TICKETS SCOTLAND, Argyll Street, Glasgow

Read on for the full line-up…

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Primavera Picks…

Primavera Picks

Earlier this month, GUM Music Editor Yasmin Ali travelled to Barcelona for PrimaveraSound 2011, one of the most eagerly-anticipated indie music festivals of the summer, if not the year. Held at Barcelona’s Parc del Forum, a sprawling outdoor and indoor concert and conference venue which spans almost an entire urban quarter from the city grid to the sealine. The event boasted over 7 specially-set up stages, and over 275 live bands and DJ sets, with scheduling from 5pm-5am, drawing crowds totalling over 120,000 spectators.. Here are an edited selection of top acts in GUM’s Primavera Picks…

Read on for the top picks…

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Emeralds gig ([email protected] Arches) in photos

Photo Credits: George Symington


American ambient drone synth trio Emeralds played the Arches last Monday before heading to Barcelona for an appearance at the first main day of Primavera Sound last Thursday. Photographer George Symington gives his pick of shots from the night, showing Emeralds dazzling in full colour  – many of which it must be said are wee gems (YA).

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Preview: Blondes Beat Connection, Sat 28/06 @Stereo
Alasdiar Roberts: Image from magpienest

Preview: Blondes Beat Connection, Sat 28/06 @Stereo


Yasmin Ali

Surely exam season is over? Midsummer brings gigs aplenty, and we have it on good authority that this Saturday’s gig at Stereo is going to be a good’un. Blondes Beat Connection features some of the freshest Stateside talent, brought to you in a one-off live showcase.

Sat 28 May · 20:00 – 23:00 @ Stereo 

£5 /limited guestlist – see Facebook for details

Blondes (Merok/RVNG)
Beat Connection (Moshi Moshi)
Peace (Naïve)

Facebook event:

Blondes hail from New York,  are famed for their synth vibe, and have featured at Death Disco, whilst Seattle-based group Beat Connection are making their Glasgow debut on the back of their breezy EP Surf Noir.

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Death Disco May: Crookers Headliner, 21.05.11, HALF-PRICE PASS


Yasmin Ali // for The Arches

Next Saturday 21st May sees The Arches play host to an all-star line up for the May edition of its resident clubnight Death Disco. With those pesky exams out the way, and half-price passes available, you really have no excuse not to come along to what will no doubt be one of the clubnights of the season, if not the year.

A big turnout is expected, so grab those passes while you can. The line-up itself is populated with big names – Crookers, Joaquim, Aeroplane, Jokers of The Scene, Ghost Eyes, The Whip and Clouds are amongst the billing.

Tickets: 0141 565 1000 or online @

Sign up for a DISCOUNT PASS (£7) @

// With Thanks to Sharon McHendry of The Arches

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Preview: Stag and Dagger 2011


Dave Hunter

This month will see another attempt by the mighty Stag and Dagger mob to make some serious shock waves in Glasgow’s varied festival network.  The event takes place in London on May 19th and Glasgow on the 21st. It’s no surprise to see their website happily declaring that, “Stag & Dagger is a “one ticket gives access to all” annual festival that will allow music lovers in Glasgow and Shoreditch (London) access the best new live music acts.” 

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Preview: This Sunday, on campus, Judy’s affordable Vintage Fair
Michael Kors/Celine. Camel Coat: Circa Vintage, Mock Croc Clutch: Circa Vintage

Preview: This Sunday, on campus, Judy’s affordable Vintage Fair


Yasmin Ali

Judy’s Affordable Vintage fair comes to Glasgow this weekend, right on your doorstep! So put down your books for a couple of hours and head to the QMU for loads of vintage goodies that won’t break the bank. With 500+ as attending on the Facebook event page, it’s set to be a success. Show your support on the official Glasgow Facebook group and be sure to join the retro-themed shenanigans. After all, who doesn’t need a deserved break from the books at this time of year? We hear seats in the library are like gold-dust these days…

Listings info:

Open 12-5pm Sunday at QMU, 22 University Gardens, G12 8QN

All welcome, not just students!

Entry £2/£1 concessions / free for under 12’s

You can read on for official press info from Judy HQ.

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Preview: Royal Hen-Doo @Corinthian, this Saturday


Yasmin Ali

Workers all around the country have planned days-out for the extra day off to celebrate the Royal Wedding. An events company in Glasgow has planned celebrations the week prior with its ‘Royal Hen-Doo’ – aright royal mix of pamper treatments, afternoon tea, a party and even a sit-down dinner – all included in one ticket for just £30!

The event sees top bar The Corinthian and new club Chambre69 join forces for a day and night to remember, with spa treatments, champagne, chocolates, High Tea, dinner, dancing and more!

Limited tickets are available from 5pm website here.

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Preview: STOP PRESS! NIGHTWALK SS’11 – This Friday


Yasmin Ali // for The Arches

This Friday night, The Arches hosts NIGHTWALK, its resident late-night fashion-forward club event. Building on the success of last autumn’s first event, the cross-over night promises a catwalk show and more, billing itself as ‘The Independent Fashion Showcase – Fused with electronic music, art, photography and performance.’

NIGHTWALK is fast-gathering deserved press attention, and was listed as Pick of the Week in last weekend’s Guardian Guide weekend supplement. Tickets are limited and available from The Arches Box Office and here at £15, in aid of  St Margaret’s Hospice.

The event runs 10pm-2am at The Arches this Friday, 22nd April.

Visit and RSVP to the Facebook event here.

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Preview: Electric Frog Weekender

Yasmin Ali


This Easter’s Electric Frog Weekender looks set to pull in the crowds with its  all-star line-up of local club heroes, and packed programme of dedicated after-parties.  What with no work on Monday, you can stay out all night guilt-free, even on Sunday. We recommend it as an excellent way to spend the Easter weekend.

GUM will have more EF festival coverage to follow in the next week – Stay Tuned!

Day passes £25/ Weekend pass £45, available from Tickets-Scotland

For official line-up and after-party details, straight from the Frog’s mouth, click ‘Read More’.

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Record Store Day 2011 – Saturday April 16th

Yasmin Ali


Today’s the day to go support your local indie record shop and show loyalty over the many internet Goliaths that dominate the music sales market. There are exclusive releases and events on offer at record stores around the world today. Glasgow has a dedicated line up of live music and entertainment at veritable indie record institution Monorail Music, over in Trongate, and reputable music store Rubadub, at St. Enoch’s. These events are free and last all day (until around 7pm) so be sure to head along if you are in town.

– Rubadub Facebook event here

– Monorail Facebook event here

‘Read More’ for the Line-up’s in Glasgow…

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Pause With A Smile – Theatre Review – The Arches/Traverse

Yasmin Ali


Tickets for Platform 18 shows (14-17th April) on sale now from Traverse Box Office: 0131 228 1404 //

Pause With A Smile

Photo courtesy of The Arches.

‘Pause With A Smile’ is an hour’s interactive dialogue of incidental anecdotes brought to you by the excellent double-act Gary McNair and Kieran Hurley. Written and directed by Platform 18 winner Gareth Nicholls, the show is a quality production which is bursting with ideas.

Pause… features an action-packed script densely populated by stories detailing a series of incredible coincidences. These are reeled off in quickfire succession to a bemused audience, who are left to ponder on their likelihood and plausibility. Each story begins with ‘Here’s one for you…’, used as a key pointer for anticipation.

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Money…The Game Show – Theatre Review – The Arches/Traverse

Jonny Casey


Tickets for Platform 18 shows (14-17th April) on sale now from Traverse Box Office: 0131 228 1404 //

Money… The Game Show

Platform 18 award-winning playwright Clare Duffy brings us the brilliant and exhilarating interactive play ‘Money – The Game Show’. Duffy invites the audience to play and gamble with six thousand pound coins in a game show style play which challenges and questions our modern attitudes to risk management, the banking system and personal greed.

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An amazing line-up this Spring at April’s DD. Half-price.Be there or be [].

gumagazine for Death Disco // The Arches
Studying is practically illegal on a Saturday night anyway, so put the books aside for the night, grab your half-price pass below and enjoy your weekend.

Sat 16th April 2011 11pm–3am £14.00 or £7 with pass above.
The Arches, Midland St, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
take a print out or image on your phone and take to the Box Office on Argyle St in advance of the night
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Can you keep a Secret?




Morven Clements

The latest milestone in Glasgow’s underground scene circa 2011 is brought to you by Secret Cinema Club. Inspired by the glamour of vintage cinema but dirtied with Martinis and Disco. This red carpet event kicks off at 8.00pm on Friday 8th of April with complementary Daiquiris and Mojitos, brought to you by Bacardi themselves; followed by the showing of a cult classic or unseen film. SSC can confirm the serious dance floor hedonism of Thunder Disco Club, that will be indulging the after-show party.

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Death Disco this Sat – Halfprice passes – It’s a kind of magic


Yasmin Ali / The Arches

Excitement is building for DD at the weekend – wear your best top hat, bow tie, white gloves and cape. White rabbits optional.
Sat 19th February 2011

The Arches, Midland St, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
11pm–3am £14.00 or £7 with pass above.
(take a print out or image on your phone and take to the Box Office on Argyle St in advance of the night)

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NME Tour 2011 @ O2 Academy
Magnetic Man: Image by Alex Embiricos

NME Tour 2011 @ O2 Academy


NME Awards Tour 2011

The NME circus arrived in Glasgow for one night only, showcasing the talents of Everything Everything, Magnetic Man, and Crystal Castles. Alex Embiricos arrived ticketless to the O2 Academy, nabbing the last crumpled ticket on the streets, before being granted entrance to one of the most anticipated music events of the month.

The O2 was packed with a crowd of the young and the hip, a tangible energy buzzing with expectation even before any of the acts took to the stage. By the time Everything Everything stepped on wearing top down buttoned shirts and glasses, there was not a single space on the floor. Although the indie-pop four piece remained pretty static, the synth started up with a good backbeat of drums and heavy bass, emphasizing what was to come from two of the most exciting electronic bands around. The audience picked up on this teasing prospect and towards the end of their set the lead singers high pitched, feminine vocals had the crowd’s appetite whetted, and the enthusiasm escalating into a rhythmic jumping frenzy.

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Roddy Woomble @ St Andrew’s in the Square


As dusk falls on the Merchant City before Roddy Woomble’s set in St Andrew’s square, it falls on this years Celtic Connections at the same time…

For the fourth year running an estimated gross return of £1million from over 100,000 tickets shows a welcome and vital consistency lacking in so many modern festivals. Helped by the wide range of music talent and expansive network of  international visitors, it has added to Glasgow’s profile as a major tourist destination…

Having released his debut solo album ‘My Secret is My Silence’ in 2006, Roddy Woomble has since been paving a new direction for himself among the folk circuit in Scotland. The change in sound has also been reflected in Idlewild’s most recent album ‘Post Electric Blues’ released last year. Tonight’s gig saw a stripped back performance of new and older solo songs in the mightily impressive St Andrew’s in the Square venue.

Roddy Woomble, Image: Dave Hunter
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Subcity says “Who Da Best?” @ Stereo, 21/01/11
Photo: Sean Anderson

Subcity says “Who Da Best?” @ Stereo, 21/01/11

Photo: Sean Anderson

Rena Niamh Smith

The rhetorical questions were certainly not lost this time – Subcity radio empire hosted another killer bash, this time at the basement bar in wee Renfield Lane’s Stereo. Despite the hit-or-miss nature of Stereo’s underground venue, the team pulled off an amazing night of good tunes and heady atmosphere. In a smaller venue than the recent pirate parties, the night had something of the feel familiar to the events held in the old Research Club on Glasgow Uni’s campus. The clientèle were the most nonchalantly cool kidz Subcity roots its support in, but they showed no aversion to throwing their hands up in the name of a good tune.

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New Years Revolution @ King Tut’s

As part of their ‘New Years Revolution’ taking place from the 3rd to 16th of January, King Tuts hosted four young upstart punk bands on the 11th, going by the names of The Gap Year Riot, Pareto, Light Guides and Young Aviators. Alex Embiricos checks out the hype…

First up were the fresh faced The Gap Year Riot, who, holding steady to their rioting gap year traditions, packed all six members on the small stage along with their deafening power chords and pounding drums. A nice uniform of checkered shirts and long fringes prevailed, whilst lead guitarist Johnny Sunshine ripped off a few short riffs and vocalist Fraser wailed away in a loud explosion of pop punk.

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The Burns Unit @ The Old Fruitmarket

Act: The Burns Unit with support from Broken Records

Venue: The Old Fruitmarket

Night: Celtic Connections, 16/01/10

The Burns Unit (Press Release)


A common theme that has emerged amongst recent folk/indie movements in Scotland is undoubtedly collaborations. It seems that certain artists can’t get enough of them. King Creosote recently played with Edinburgh’s Meursault and Emma Pollock hooked up with Rod Jones of Idlewild for The Fruit Tree Foundation. Whatever your opinion on ‘supergroups’, it does make a great spectacle to witness several talented musicians come together armed with a mix of influences, ideas and even genres. If something is not to your taste it doesn’t take long for something completely different to be thrown at you. Oh and this is applies to The Burns Unit as well, in case that wasn’t clear…

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Detox? Meh. DD this Saturday



Sat 15th January 2011

The Arches, Midland St, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
11pm–3am £14.00 or £7 with pass above.
(take a print out or image on your phone and take to the Box Office on Argyle St in advance of the night)




Join Death Disco on:
Gigs for DD fans coming up at the Arches:




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Festival Preview: Celtic Connections


Celtic Connections emblem

Glasgow’s annual Celtic Connections kicks off today, bringing in the new year with one or two footstomps and plenty of willows being stripped to satisfy the ceilidh dancer inside you. Promising you 1500 artists at 14 venues over 18 days, there is certainly no shortage of talent and variety on offer.

Connecting people since 1994,  this festival is certainly no stranger to Glasgow’s circuit. Having seen numerous festivals come and go in Glasgow (including the sadly now defunct and wonderfully obscure Triptych) what makes this one so special?? Arguably it is the epitomy of what Glasgow music is all about. Diverse in nature and vibrant in performance, it is perfectly accommodated within the city. There can be few other places to witness americana, jazz and folk on the same stage at times!?

Along with a barrage of music workshops to get involved with, the performers this year include Scottish/Canadian supergroup The Burns Unit, The Walkmen, Alasdair Roberts, Lau, Roddy Hart’s Forever Young Dylan tribute, Seth Lakeman, Rachel Sermanni, Roddy Woomble and Fran Healy. (To name a few)

To get more of a flavour and a detailed taste of what is happening visit,

Dave Hunter

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GUM Gets Excited: Happy Endofterm To You All!

Yes, kids, it’s that time of year again – carols, mince pies, red-and-white themed sexy costumes and yet another excuse to party hard, we’d never get through winter without some festive cheer. At Glasgow University, each union offers it’s own brand of boozy night to send you all off home hungover and ready for a few weeks spent in close company with the family you’d almost forgotten you had. The GU’s Daft Friday has become a hearty institution and is the nearest thing we get to a university-wide black tie ball; no rugger boy or girl worth their weight in Jack Wills would risk missing a chance to don a nice kilt or frock and cause a ruckus to celebrate the end of exams. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as paying a whole whack of dosh on your DF ticket, not to mention the gladrags and grooming, to get drunker than you’ve been in months until you lose all powers of speech and the ability to stand up by yourself. Over at the QM, the Christmas Cheesy Pop is more forgiving on the pocket and dress code, being a big ole festive version of their Friday night classic. Both run right through til the dawn light and a big pat on the back and much bravado to anyone still dancing when the clock strikes 6. GUM will be attending both events in equal measure and reporting back on the madness and mayhem. To celebrate this season of the Megaparty, here’s a tasty hot cocktail from the spicy heartwarmer Southern Comfort. Forget mulled wine, if you’re serious about getting mashed this year, stick to the spirits, kids…………

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Fashion goes POP!

Yasmin Ali

‘Tis the season to be innovative, and there are festive pop-up shops popping up all over the city. Brave the cold and visit the five that we consider among the cream of this year’s winter harvest…

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Say it BOLD! Bold Souls pop-up Xmas Edition

Yasmin Ali

Event, 12th December, 4-9pm

Silvia Pellegrino of Chouchou Couture heads up an entourage of talented Glasgow-based fashion and accessories designers for the second winter edition of Bold Souls hosted at GN Salons. The Christmas special pop-up featured fashion designers like retro re-styling from Jennie Loof; bold colourways from Rebecca Torres; fine knits and edgy detailing from Nicola Beedie; knitwear  and fashion designer Stephen Tarnawski, and of course, Silvia’s sportswear-luxe label Chouchou which showcased a brand new line of bespoke fabric earrings made with recycled material and 925 silver.

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Red Cross band night @ Flying Duck

Dave Hunter

Glasgow Uni’s very own Red Cross Society held an HIV/AIDS awareness gig at the Flying Duck on Thursday 25th November with all of the proceeds from the evening going to a specific British Red Cross HIV project based at Lesotho in Southern Africa.

Thankfully, it was clear from the outset that the evening was not your typical run of the mill fundraiser. For a start, we were greeted by a plethora of red outfits as part of the very apt dress code and a ‘Cake and Condom’ stall which,  for the record were not actually sold as one item. Everyone also got the chance to plant their autograph on a drawing of the red cross ribbon.

It became apparent that the bands were fantastically diverse as well. Opening the bill was ‘The Wyre’ with a few acoustic numbers including a cover of The Coral’s ‘Dreaming Of You’ and an appetite for some funk bass. It must be said that even with the staggering amount of gigs going on in Glasgow, it’s not often you get a chance to hear a bluegrass band which came as a welcome change with ‘The Dirty Beggars’. They thrilled us all by getting everyone on their feet with some upbeat tunes which sound like they are plucked fresh from the depths of Southern America. So just how do you follow a bluegrass band, well with a rock/metal band of course!’ Contact Lost’ do have some gifted guitarists and even feature a bassist blessed with an indestructable bass after taking it for a few laps around the venue. Following them proved to be an easy task for Jazz/swing band ‘Charlie and the bachelors’ who had some excellent covers of standards such as ‘Fever’ and ‘Feeling Good’.

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The Concretes: Lisa Milberg Interview

Ahead of their upcoming gig at The Arches on Saturday 4th Dec, Mary Machin caught up with Lisa Milberg, lead singer of Swedish band The Concretes…

Lisa Milberg (Source:Factmag)

How has the year treated you and has anything changed?

Lisa: It’s been overwhelming, nothing’s really changed, a lot of good and bad things have happened but it’s probably been different just because I was shocked by how much work that comes with releasing an album.

Did that shock alter your writing or recording techniques?

L: Not really, the shock came after all of that, there was a contrast in writing but that’s something that’s going to be different with every album.

How about the reception for the record, was it what you expected?

L: You can’t really ever expect something particular you can only ever hope for the best, but the reaction to WYWH was great and we were really happy with it. It was weird reading reviews though, because even though it’d be a great review, the writer wouldn’t have got what I wanted them to from the record, but it’s great that people like it

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The Tallest Man On Earth @ Arches 22/11/10

Dave Hunter & Kenneth Mulholland

If Dylan is the master then The Tallest Man On Earth (aka Kristian Matsson) is most definately his apprentice…

With one small stretch, The Tallest Man On Earth assumed control of a captivated crowd at the Arches. One man playing to a whole sell-out section of The Arches is an achievement in itself, and that was before he had even strummed the first chord. Thankfully, he does not disappoint an eager crowd. Opening with  numbers such as ‘I won’t Be Found’ off the acclaimed ‘Shallow Grave’ album released in 2008 proved that Matsson at no stage looked over-awed by the onlookers. In fact, he seemed to be more concerned about being flattened by an onrushing train ploughing through the famous venue. Thankfully we have yet to witness this occurence since The Arches was converted in 1991.

The Tallest Man On Earth, Image: Jon Behm


It must be said at this point that Matsson is a somewhat enigmatic character. Hailing from Sweden and singing like Dylan does raise the odd eyebrow. So does having a few songs which enjoy a very similar chord structure, but he definitely pulls it off. The more you listen to his songs the more you are convinced of his song-writing skills. Crowd favourite ‘King of Spain’ is a perfect example of his layered approach as he depicts a longing for identity, “Well if you could reinvent my name, well if you could redirect my day, I wanna be the King of Spain”. Playing an extended set was a welcome bonus and he even swapped strings for keys quite effortlessly in the process.

Having toured with the likes of Bon Iver in America, The Tallest Man on Earth is in serious good company. Long may it continue…

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The Phantom Band @ Oran Mor 21/11/10

Mary Machin

One of Glasgow’s most promising contemporary acts, The Phantom Band, have just completed a stint on the road promoting their not to be missed album The Wants, the follow up to critically acclaimed Checkmate Savage. Both albums hold their own in a comparatively dismal musical culture combining rustic, folky elements and more robust percussion sections. This in mind, it goes without saying that the atmosphere inside Oran Mor’s jam-packed depths is positively electric.

The Phantom Band (Source:The List)

Once the Scottish sextet hit the stage, it becomes apparent that there really is no stopping them when it comes to a live show (and Whiskey drinking), a fair feat indeed seeing as they’ve returned from a US tour prior to this month’s UK dates. Powering through a mixture of material from both albums, songs old and new spark the same ecstasy in the home crowd. ‘Crocodile’, ’Into the Corn’ and ‘Everybody Knows It’s True’ strike a particular chord personally and it’s hard not to wonder why The Phantom Band aren’t as well known as they could be. Still, judging on the elated faces that leave after an encore that sees the group get all folked up, it seems that for now, this much love should be enough.

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Instal ’10, 12-14 November 2010
Image by Jez Burrows

Instal ’10, 12-14 November 2010

Sara Winchester

INSTAL'10 identity: Image by Jez Burrows

On a wintry weekend in mid-November, I headed down to Tramway to have my mind opened to a feast of new musical experiences. The Instal ‘10 festival was a three day weekend festival which aimed to show the radical side of music. Its tagline claims that Music is much more than music. The programme included performance artists, talks, experimental music and art installations from all over the world.

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Dinner, Drag and Desserts
Picture Credits: Arches PR

Dinner, Drag and Desserts

Photo Credit: Niall Walker

Photo Credit: Niall Walker

Yasmin Ali

Glasgow-based thespian Adrian Howells has temporarily re-branded The Arches Restaurant until end November as his alter ego’s ‘Adrienne’s Bar and Grill’. This was an extension from Howel’s theatre performance as part of the IETM Biennal Plenary Glasgow voices Artistic Programme, which featured 3 day run of live show ‘An Audience with Adrienne‘, with frank conversation, friendly banter and parlour games, served up tea and sympathy in Adrienne’s living room.

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Awesome Autumn…

Since it’s Autumn (sorry monsoon season), we may as well enjoy what electronic beats are keeping us warm over this nasty November within the 3 pillars of electo’s autocracy in Glasgow..

Down at Subclub

Friday 12th: Return To Mono with Maetrik (live) & Slam

Saturday 13th: Subculture with Harri & Domenic

Sunday 14th: Optimo present Hung Up! with JD Twitch & Euan Chambers

Friday 19th: Sensu with SHONKY (Freak & Chic)

Saturday 20th: Subculture with Leftfield afterparty!

Sunday 21: Hung Up! with Nadia Ksaiba and Keiran Hebden aka Four Tet!

Over at Art School

Friday 12th: Mixed Bizness presents Caspa & Emalkay

Saturday 13th : One More Tune

Friday 19th : Naive presents Feadz & Mr Flash

Sunday 21st: Scientist vs Upsetters, Pinch, Loefah & Sgt. Pokes

Monday 22nd: Noise Pollution

Saturday 27th: This Is Sick

Across at Arches

Friday 12th-14th: Instal 10 at Tramway

Saturday 13th: TicTacToe presents Affi Koman (Sunday Circus)

Tuesday 16th: Kele and CocknBullKid

Saturday 20th: Death Disco 8th Birthday with Brodinski

Friday 26th: Pressure’s 12th Birthday with Slam, Mathew Jonson (live)

Saturday 27th: Inside Out with Judge Jules

Carlos felt unsteady at a recent Damien Rice gig...



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Wavves @ Arches

Lauren Clark and Chris Lavery checked out America’s latest export Wavves at the Arches on 8/11/10

Support came in the form of two very different bands, ‘Paws’ and ‘Otherpeople’. The latter, a four piece indie-rock band with obvious musical potential and the former being what I’d imagine Wavves to sound like had they not discovered marijuana and learned to play their instruments.

While Nathan Williams and his band mates powered through their set, awkwardly chuckling away as they received what could only be described as a molesting from the inebriated crew of miscreants, you couldn’t help but admire the way the boys handled the situation. They were happy consenting to the rambunctious occurrence, so as not to generate any negative vibes, whilst maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism as they continued on.. The balance struck between professional musicians and lovable reprobates was clearly established in the three band members and really summed up their performance as a whole. I never expected the front man who infamously flipped out at Primavera 2009 due to a hearty breakfast of narcotics to appear so composed and on the ball as he did this evening.

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Gig Preview: Wavves @ Arches

Chris Lavery looks ahead to Wavves + Otherpeople + PAWS on 8/11/10 @ The Arches

Nathan Williams of Wavves

The last time Wavves played in Glasgow was in March 2009, at Sleazy’s, a smaller venue and perhaps more suited to their insular, fuzzy sound than the vast, chamber-like Arches. Nevertheless, their Monday night slot at this trendy location is bound to be an exhilarating show. Nathan Williams is the man behind this critically acclaimed Californian project, renowned for his emotionally-charged outbursts of adolescent loneliness and blunt depictions of teenage drug use.

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Bold Souls
Photo: Chouchou Couture

Bold Souls

Photo: Chouchou Couture

Glasgow label Chouchou Couture throw another super-sweet pop-up styling event this week, in collaboration with a host of other emerging fashion designers, makers, stylists and photographers from Scotland’s capital of cool.

Bold Souls, Thu 4th Nov, 4-9pm @ GN Salons 555 Sauchiehall Street, G3 7PQ

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STaG Nights 2010

Photo: STaG

STaG Nights is the society’s biggest event of the year, an annual, exciting three day festival of theatre and we have recently expanded to include music, dance, film and comedy too! It is regarded as one of Scotland’s largest student theatre festivals and involves everyone in the society from technicians and designers to actors and directors.Every year STaG Nights has a theme (over the years we’ve transformed the theatre into a student flat, a circus, a New Orleans swamp and a Cirque du Noir festival) This year, the theme is Boom and Bust, 1920′s jazz era loosely inspired by F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby….. STaG Nights 2010: Boom and Bust.

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All Hallows Eve, Glasgow Twenty Ten

With the festival of all things ghoulish and ghastly upon us once more, the city of Glasgow offers a wealth of special club nights to show off your creative costumes and unleash your demonic side. Here are a few high!lights…..

Southern Comfort Voodoo Tribe @ O’Couture, Saturday 30th October.

The Voodoo Tribe night’s stopover in Glasgow hits O’Couture; sponsored by one of the world’s most devilish spirits, promises some tricky fun in the form of face-painting, a night of bangin’ choons and the chance to become the face of Voodoo Tribe for Glasgow, so dress to kill………

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Music Like A Vitamin @ ABC

Dave Hunter

Act: The Fruit Tree Foundation

Venue: ABC

Night: Music Like A Vitamin, 02/10/10

Rod Jones and Emma Pollock (Photo:Dave Hunter)

Now in its fourth year, the Music Like A Vitamin project has yet again proved to be an extremely worthwhile and rewarding project for everyone concerned. Tackling the often thorny issues of mental health head on has become somewhat of an annual event, allowing everyone to remember what this evening is in aid of.

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GUM Opens Glasgow’s Doors…

Tuesday 21st September

Jessie Rodger

I hopped along to Glasgow Doors Open day On Saturday 18th September as the city opened its often hush hush private buildings to the greater public, all for free. Armed with nothing but a camera and the natural voyeur in me, I had a peak at some beautiful Glaswegian gems; The Briggait, City Halls, The Glasgow Art Club… Have a wee gander at what I found.

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Alternative Festivals | Laura Doherty

campingillustrationkirathomasOk, so the recession’s crept its way into our summer plans and we’re being a little more wary with our cash. In the past we’ve been all too happy to chuck our hard earned overdraft in the direction of a certain domineering, beer-scented festival sponsor.but what should we be doing now we’re being a little more discerning with our financial moves this year? Laura Doherty wades through the portaloo spotted scenery of the summer’s festivals to show you where to invest your tent pegs.

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