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Applications for the GUM team 2016/17 are now open and there are many exciting roles to apply for. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of GUM!



Career Opportunities


In the media industry today, previous work experience is essential. GUM can be a platform for you to get your work seen and an incredible experience to put on your CV. Our website currently has 3000 views every month, the Facebook page has over 2000 followers and each issue is read by over 16 000 people. GUM is the oldest student magazine in Scotland (a whopping 127 years old!) and a recognised name with employers throughout the UK. A role in GUM will prepare you for various jobs within journalism, media production, editorial work, events management, the fashion world or social media management.



Fun With Friends


A place on the GUM team is an excellent opportunity to make friends, while you are at university. At GUM, you will meet people with like-minded interests and you will even make contacts towards your future career. We encourage people from all subjects and disciplines to attend our meetings and socials, so we always have a very eclectic and fun group. Teamwork is an extremely important aspect of GUM. Even though each member has their independent responsibilities, we often end up helping each other out. So you are bound to make friends and have lots of fun, whether in meetings, socials, events or release parties.




Student Media Matters


Today, the media is more important than ever. GUM can be a platform for you to voice your opinion on big and small matters. Our content has consistently dealt with current, relevant socio-cultural issues. So if you are passionate about culture, politics and current events, or if you like to write about critical and controversial matters, GUM is the perfect place to start. We pride ourselves in producing original and creative content wrapped up in chic graphic design, so that our readers enjoy the finished product.



The GUM Team


As the Editor-in-Chief you have the opportunity to run an entire magazine and realise your personal vision. You will learn all aspects of producing a magazine. You are responsible for planning the academic year with the release of three issues, as well as producing and editing the content for each issue. You will lead a team of ten editors and even more contributors. You will work with the online editor to improve the website, with the photo editor to commission images and with the events manager to arrange marketing events, release parties and socials. You will need to raise advertising revenue for the printing costs of the magazine, as well as, negotiate with publishers about the prices. The perfect applicant for this role has an enthusiasm for the creative industry and a clear vision. You will need to be outgoing and have fantastic social skills, as well as a great eye for detail and amazing editing skills.


The Deputy Editor works as the right hand of the Editor-in-Chief and helps out with everything that the Editor does. Some of the tasks are: planning the deadlines, editing the articles, commissioning images, helping with decision-making, working with the graphic designer on lay-out, communicating with publishers, raising revenue and organising events. You will need to have a creative eye, as well as, fantastic time management and organizational skills. It is also important to be able to communicate clearly and to be present to support the Editor in Chief.


The Photo Editor is responsible for commissioning images for GUM. The photo editor discusses with the other sub-editors, the Editor in Chief and the graphic designer, what kind of images to acquire and what kind of look is desired. Then the photo editor reaches out to digital illustrators and photographers to commission the pictures. This job may be very intense for periods of time, but is very rewarding as you get a say in what the final magazine will look like. The perfect candidate will have some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as being able to reach out and network with people from all parts of the university.


The Online Editor manages the website and the social media accounts. You would be responsible for uploading content continuously as it is produced by the contributors and edited by the sub-editors. You would also be responsible for executing your own social media strategies, in order to market the magazine, our content and the events. This role is perfect for someone with some knowledge of how to handle wordpress sites, as well as, having fresh ideas about how to work with social media.


The Features Editor is responsible for the first section of the magazine. In the past GUM has prided itself in a features section that covers alternative subcultures, controversial issues or current events. You will have the opportunity to come up with your own ideas for articles and realise your own vision. You will need to reach out to contributors, support them in the writing process, give them feedback and finally edit their material for print and online. The perfect candidate has a creative vision and a critical eye, as well as great editing skills.


The Culture Editor takes care of the culture section of the magazine. This has always been the most popular section of the magazine, among both contributors and readers, and covers anything related to the cultural scene: music, arts, literature and film. You will need to handle a big group of contributors, listen to their ideas and assign articles for everyone, as well as guide them in their writing processes. You will need to provide feedback and edit the content for publication. The ideal candidate will have strong knowledge about culture and the local Glasgow cultural scene, as well as great organisational and editing skills.


The Fashion Editor is responsible for the fashion editorial of each issue. You will seek out local creatives (designers, models, photographers and stylists) and organise photoshoots in different location. You will be responsible for directing the photoshoots and ensuring that you have enough material for publication. Then you will work together with the Editor in Chief and graphic designer to produce a lay-out. The ideal candidate needs to be out-going and willing to reach out to make new contacts on the Glasgow fashion scene. You will need great time-management and organisational skills.


The Politics Editor takes care of the politics section and has the opportunity to realise his/her own vision. GUM has been known for publishing controversial opinion columns on different current and local topics. You will need to work towards making the section interesting, current and up-to-date. The perfect candidate has a great grasp on politics, news and current events. You will also need great editing skills and your own ideas on critical issues that should be covered.


The role of the Business Editor was only introduced a few years ago, which means that although still in its infancy, it is an exciting and challenging opportunity to contribute to the magazine in a meaningful way. You will need great social skills in order to reach out to new contributors from the business and economics subject disciplines on campus. You will have a good grasp on current events within economics and the business world. You also need great editing skills and your own original ideas for articles.


The Science/Technology Editor cares for a relatively new section, which has only increased in popularity over the last years. Your objective is to take current news within science and technology and make them into approachable and fun articles. You will need great social skills to find STEM students that will write for the magazine. You also need to have knowledge of and stay up to date in the science and technology world. Lastly, you need excellent language and editing skills to produce the articles for publication.




How To Apply


So, what are you waiting for? Applying is easy and no previous experience is required for any of the roles. We merely ask that you have an enthusiasm for media and the creative industries, as well as, a motivation to learn. Follow this link to fill out the application form: The deadline is Monday 2 May and you will hear back from us before the end of May.

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