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Back at the end of January, I went along to the launch of Gabriella Marcella’s ‘Super Signs’ at the Arches; an exhibition inspired by the zodiac, showcasing a series of 12 prints and a video installation of Marcella’s take on the symbols of the zodiac. These prints were incredibly lively compositions, vibrant with colours and shapes. I caught up with her to ask her a few questions about the exhibition, the ideas behind the images, and her work.


What is the inspiration behind these beautiful, colourful pieces?


Well, apart from the obvious influence and inspiration I’ve drawn from the zodiac, I’ve been really interested in symbolism and the different symbols you come across pretty much everywhere. I guess the prints in this exhibition are almost an immediate visual reaction of the symbols from the horoscope. I don’t normally do things for pleasure as, in order to actually make any money, I have to unfortunately surrender to making work for more commercial purposes.


GUM Leila Image III     GUM Leila Image II


What materials did you use to process these images?


These images were processed digitally and made through screen printing in my studio. I was awarded the Deutschbank Award after I graduated, which was a grant that helped me set up my own studio, meaning that I can design and print all of my own things.


Could you tell us a bit more about the other projects you’ve been involved in prior to ‘Super Signs’?


I was actually involved with a really great project in the summer of 2011. I had the exciting opportunity to go to Philadelphia in the US to work as a design intern, designing the graphics for carrier bags for Urban Outfitters which were distributed all over the country. It was such an amazing project, I had a lot of fun working on it.


GUM Leila Image IV   GUM Leila Image V


Do you have any projects coming up later this year?


I try to engage in personal projects every month, in order to keep myself busy. I’m actually hopefully going to be working on a clothing range in Edinburgh quite soon, with textile and fashion designer Emily Millichip. We will be working with fabrics, where I’ll be designing the patterns and Emily will be creating the outfits and pieces.


Gabriella, 23, is from Edinburgh, and graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2012. She currently runs the Risograph Print & Design studio Risotto in Glasgow, and is available for working on and producing promotional material. Find out more about Risotto, or contact Gabriella, through their website or blog, or on Facebook.


– Words and Interview, Leila Khoshoie


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