GUM went on a restaurant-crawl and looked around in the many food facilities of Glasgow University.

THE HUB (Laptop friendly!)

Despite the debate that has arisen over the modern shiny outside design of the Fraser building, this place is extremely popular among students. People come here for the great variety of meals and real comfy couches, and to soak in some warmth and brightness which, surprisingly enough, has been achieved in our Scottish climate thanks to clever interior design solutions. The place is packed with tables in all sizes, and the feeling you get in the Hub is an obscure combination of being part of a big student commune and having anonymity still (because the place is so overcrowded).


Somewhat hidden from the main torrent of students, the atmosphere at One A is professional and subdued. This is a place where you can catch a glimpse of your professors in a less informal milieu (well, as informal as one might get under neogothic arches of the main building). We suggest eating at A1 to rediscover your motivation for studying. The only thing that really strikes the aesthetics among us is the clash between majestic mantle-pieces and plastic chairs. It’s a sin that’s prevalent in all rooms of the main building.


Lunch at John Mac will be quick and convenient when you’re craving for a coffee+sandwich and don’t have time to wait in line. You’ll find an adequate amount of free seating and are able to do your seminar reading as you’ll hardly bump into any of your friends here. The building’s strategically located and has its own ATM! Make sure you don’t get run over by the door when you first try to make your way into the building.


This is a last resort for the hungry during a period of essay deadlines. Self service, three different kinds of sandwiches and a vending machine with waxy apples. Not appetizing, but then again they say you work better on an empty stomach.


The Food Factory is a modest dining hall on the second floor of the QMU with no remarkable dishes nor conveniences. So leave your high expectations at the oversize baggage counter. The sandwiches can easily cause nightmares to some people but

warm tacos with cheese and those well baked potatoes might even be worth climing

the stairs. On another good note, the view over the campus is quite noteworthy and lunch here won’t chew up your student loan.

THE CRYPT (GUM’s favourite!)

Despite a bright yellow advert on University Avenue, not many people find their way into the Crypt in Wellington church. This well kept secret has a particularly dreamy and mysterious atmosphere supported by a low ceiling, dim lights and warm smiles of happy serving staff. The Crypt can boast with home made soups and pastries (prices are well under the campus average), but if the menu nor those friendly smiles don’t get under your skin, maybe the piano with a “Play me!” sign will.

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