Lockdown body

Lockdown body

[Written by Caitlin Slaven, She/Her]

Caitlin Slaven is an amateur scribbler and comic diarist based in Stirling. 

Comic diaries function similarly to conventional, written diaries; deeply personal accounts of the writer’s everyday experience, an external record of their inner world. They are an ideal space for reflection and self-examination in a loud, crowded world. Through recording the funny observations, the diaries can capture the human moments we don’t want to forget. Comic diaries allow the diarist to make these observations without relying wholly on words, they introduce new dimensions of space, colour, and figure. 

During lockdown, Caitlin utilized her illustrations to convey the stillness, silence, and space that dominated during the height of restriction through her use of white space, repeated panels and minimal colour palette.  Her simple figures and compositions, often undrafted, create an honest and contemplative mood. Her medium of pencil, pen, and printer paper lend the works the same candour and day-to-day reality of a diary. Simplicity and quietness are favored over frills. Many of her comics focus on humor, and portray the bizarre, endearing, or plain funny every day. 

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  1. These are beautiful!

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