GUM Pro Tempore Journal


Centred around the theme of Pro Tempore, a Latin term meaning ‘For the time being’, this issue marks the final GUM Journal for our 2020/21 team, and the first time GUM Journal has been available in print. 

Containing illustrations, poetry, essays, and articles from the GUM team, alongside artwork by Rosa Sawyers, this issue is deeply contemplative and playfully experimental. In place of our usual sections (features, politics, and so on) is a temporal arrangement, allowing the pieces to move thematically through dawn, daylight, dusk and night. From meditations on the healing powers of Virgina Woolf, to reclamations of Renaissance aesthetics among queer artists; reflections on childhood holidays to Italy, to stream-of-conscience commentaries on the relativity of time, the final edition of GUM Journal is nothing if not unique. 

Through purchasing your copy of GUM Journal: PRO TEMPORE, 100% of proceeds will go to funding Glasgow University’s student media community. GUM provides an outlet for countless artists, writers, and creatives to come together to amplify underrepresented voices and issues. Through your purchase, you will help fund GUM’s future print releases. This will ensure that our magazine can reach as many readers as possible, and continue to provide young creatives with invaluable exposure to the world of publishing. With PRO TEMPORE, you will not only gain insight into the minds of profoundly creative individuals, but will help GUM maintain its stance as a proud supporter of Glasgow’s cultural community.

*Please note that physical copies can only be shipped within Glasgow. For more information, please email: [email protected]