All work and no Play-list

Death by revision

Revision: making me feel like a moron since day. Unfortunately with exam period looming- unless you're hell bent on failing/ one of those people who get away with doing nothing there is just no avoiding it. So whether you're hauling ass to the library or cowering in the corner of your room struggling to read your own handwriting- this is the playlist that may just get you through.

Disclaimer: Not substitute for actual intelligence


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Preview: Guilt. Free. Partying. ‘Make Noise’ Glasgow

Love partying? Hate the guilt? This is the one for you. Imagine for a minute you’re the Glaswegian Pinocchio. It’s a Thursday Night and you fancy going clubbing. So you have a few drinks with your mates, head to Subby, and it’s all well and good until you get to the door and you find that instead of the usual bouncers it’s Jiminy Cricket standing there. Then he asks you when was the last time was that you recycled your mobile phone? Lost for words, you just blurt out that you don’t have a phone and before you know it, your nose has gotten so big that you can’t fit through the door. Don’t be that guy. Bring your broken electrical goods and exchange them for a night of clubbing goodness. When: Thurs 22nd Nov Where: Sub Club Door tax: FREE with any broken electrical item. NB in the eventuality that you can’t find anything GUM recommends going via Murano/checking the nearest skip. (This is not an excuse to dash your phone out the window/drunkenly drop it down the toilet and claim a new one on insurance.) Line up: Benji B (Radio 1) DJ Martelo  (NTS) and Conquering Animal Sound (Live set)

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Spotlight: Valerie June

It's hard to remember the hazy day's of summer when you're holed up in bed, surrounded by various unread books, resisting the urge to put the heating on whilst not quite being able to muster the motivation to haul ass yourself to the library.

That's right folks, essay season is here; thankfully it's not here to stay. If you're reading this, well done, at least your procrastination is less destructive than my Ebay habit. Let's face it you're not going to start reading that book anytime sooner, there's no way you can ever keep up with your reading list so you may as well put those peepers to good use and have a butchers of Tess Hokin's interview with up and coming soul sensation Valerie June. Disclaimer: GUM accept no responsibility for you blowing the dregs of your loan on ticket for Bestival 2013... With Southern Belle charm and an resonating, unexpected voice, Valerie June practically glows in an aura of ‘Next-Big-Thing-ness’. She is staggeringly glamorous, with a head full of massive ringlets of dreadlocks and a beaming white smile, yet completely down to earth, chatting away in a Southern drawl you can’t help but find endearing. After years of menial jobs and selling records out of the back of her car, June is finally about to release her first album for a record label. We caught up with her just before her debut UK performance at Bestival, and can only say that you can expect to hear a whole lot more from this unique and talented musician. How have you been finding the UK and Bestival so far?  It’s been great so far, this is my first time here so it’s really different, the people here are so fearless in their fashion sense- I love it! I’ve been travelling all over and [Bestival] is incredible. It’s like some kinda magical fairyland.

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Preview: Electric Frog Weekender

Yasmin Ali 19.04.11 This Easter's Electric Frog Weekender looks set to pull in the crowds with its  all-star line-up of local club heroes, and packed programme of dedicated after-parties.  What with no work on Monday, you can stay out all night guilt-free, even on Sunday. We recommend it as an excellent way to spend the Easter weekend.

GUM will have more EF festival coverage to follow in the next week - Stay Tuned!

Day passes £25/ Weekend pass £45, available from Tickets-Scotland

For official line-up and after-party details, straight from the Frog's mouth, click 'Read More'.

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Record Store Day 2011 – Saturday April 16th

Yasmin Ali 16.04.11 Today's the day to go support your local indie record shop and show loyalty over the many internet Goliaths that dominate the music sales market. There are exclusive releases and events on offer at record stores around the world today. Glasgow has a dedicated line up of live music and entertainment at veritable indie record institution Monorail Music, over in Trongate, and reputable music store Rubadub, at St. Enoch's. These events are free and last all day (until around 7pm) so be sure to head along if you are in town.

Rubadub Facebook event here

- Monorail Facebook event here

'Read More' for the Line-up's in Glasgow...

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Instal ’10, 12-14 November 2010
Image by Jez Burrows

Instal ’10, 12-14 November 2010

Sara Winchester [caption id="attachment_1040" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="INSTAL'10 identity: Image by Jez Burrows"][/caption] On a wintry weekend in mid-November, I headed down to Tramway to have my mind opened to a feast of new musical experiences. The Instal ‘10 festival was a three day weekend festival which aimed to show the radical side of music. Its tagline claims that Music is much more than music. The programme included performance artists, talks, experimental music and art installations from all over the world.

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You know when you’ve been Spotified | Jim Wilson

Founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, Spotify, the new online music service is now being downloaded by over ten thousand people a day across Europe. The sheer number of downloads is making Spotify a serious competitor in the battle of the music download providers and its popularity is growing by the minute. Jim Wilson welcomes the new iTunes rival into his life.

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dsc_0015Y'all Is Fantasy Island’s latest album and third dollop of noise, 'No Ceremony' has been received as their most accomplished work yet. So why haven’t they been signed yet? Surely a band of such obvious worth cannot be beaten simply by the law of averages. With this in mind, Maitiu Corbett towed the treacherous trail out to Anniesland Cross to find out their views on the record industry, homicidal trees, and Jim, in a bath, naked.

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