Untitled, 2018

Untitled, 2018

[Written by John Tinneny]

[Image Credits: John Tinneny]

Near the top of Queen Margaret Drive,

amidst the signs informing people

‘no entry’ or ‘no ball games allowed’

someone made the pavement their canvas,

chalked up a whole new set

of instructions, for the public 

to follow. For example, telling them 

to ‘avoid the lava’ which courses

in red and blue lines, from wall to curb,

or to ‘avoid the cracks’, specifically

the new ones, laid down in jagged 

grey smudges, jack-knifing over 

the natural ones. In and around

the new hopscotch courts

and games of knots and crosses,

pedestrians were instructed to 

‘stay left’ with an arrow for those

who would forget where that is.

The public was also informed

that Sophie hearts Michael,

that Rachel hearts Toby; there were 

a multitude of other names, signatures,

scattered all over the installation.

It was impossible to track down

the original artist or artists. It faded

beneath the rasp of feet, the rain,

the tarmac breaking in the new heat,

the elements and their daily grind. 

These words are the only trace 

of it now. I don’t know whose feet

will walk all over them. How much 

hard rain or rising water it will take, 

until they’re wiped away as well. 

Until they’re gone. 

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