#MeToo – Zero-hours contracts, sexual assault and NDAs – Uber’s Public Image Priorities

[Written by Toju Adelaja]

[Image Credit: freestocks.org//flickr.com]

[Trigger Warning: This article includes discussion of sexual assault.]

When Uber driver Rebecca Graham was sexually assaulted by two passengers and reported this to Uber; she was offered no counselling, reimbursement for lost wages, or anything remotely helpful. They also refused to disclose the identity of the passenger without a subpoena and that she couldn’t get a warrant since there was no evidence beyond her testimony.

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#MeToo – A Catalyst for Legislative Change?

[Written by Pauliina Ketonen]

[Image by Kate Zápražná]

[Trigger Warning: this article includes discussion of sexual assault.]

Scandals come and go, but in the last year, their number and media permanence has been dizzying. With reports spanning from Hollywood to the UN we are forced to acknowledge how deeply bullying, sexual harassment, and abuse are embedded in our society.

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