Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

‘Home’ is a truly relevant theme given the circumstances of 2020. This issue was initially planned to be released at the end of April in print but has been released digitally this September due to COVID-19. As a result of this pandemic, we have had time to reflect and discover new meanings of the concept of ‘home’.

Viewed idyllically home is a place of belonging, love, and safety. However, this is not true for everyone and in this issue, we unravel the complexity of home. We discuss diaspora, nationalism, attachment, memory, familial relationships, amongst other things, while looking at our magazine’s home of Glasgow and its rich cultural landscape.

In our colour palette we draw upon the idea of ‘the Earth as home’, using green and floral colours.

Our photoshoot at ‘HOME’ contrasts extravagant attire with the humility of everyday activities. Conducting a photoshoot during a pandemic, we discovered the creative possibilities of our everyday spaces.

To the people coming to Glasgow for the first time, welcome! As we approach the start of term, where thousands of students are making a new home in Glasgow, this theme proves relevant again. Thank you GUM for allowing this to be my home for two years. In my time as Editor-in-Chief, and Style and Beauty Editor before that, I gained knowledge and skills that have put me in great stead for the future. GUM was truly a labour of love and the success of our team last academic year was beyond my wildest dreams. In my last moment, all I want to say is, thank you.

Lynsay Holmes (she/her)

Former Editor-in-Chief.