Co Editor-in-Chief Lara

Lara Delmage (she/her)

Co Editor-in-Chief

You’ll be glad to know that Lara maintains that big pants slap (pun absolutely intended). Slap is a word she’s been over-using recently, alongside the old reliables (which are far too rude to include in this bio). She may dress like a seven-year-old Amish teacher but she sure doesn’t cuss like one (although, who am I to say.) Lara also has a penchant for obnoxious hand gestures, and her becoming co-chief was probably contingent on her losing the finger-guns and sarcastic thumbs up. No one needs that, Lara. No one.

Graham Peacock (he/him)

Co Editor-in-Chief

Graham is a third year English Literature student. Despite his choice of degree and position as Editor in Chief this year, he still managed to be the last one on the team to complete the very simple task of writing a bio. Graham’s favourite pastimes include shopping for old man jumpers, much like the one above, and telling everyone he’s going blonde, without ever actually doing it. Other interests include starting three books at once and finishing none of them, neglecting his plants, and early 2000s pop music. If found return to the GUM office lost property box.

Graphic designer Raquel

Raquel Fonseca (she/her)

Graphic Designer

Raquel was born in Portugal 25 years ago, and is now the tentative owner of two (2) undergraduate degrees, each more unemployable than the next. This is a set of choices she questions everyday, even if she feels extremely lucky for the chance to have studied both Communication Design and Sociology. She spends her spare time trying to earn the friendship of every cat in Glasgow, complaining about capitalism and eating bread (the most superior of foods).

Administrative Coordinator Lucy

Lucy Nicholson (she/her)

Administrative Coordinator

Lucy is a 3rd year student who has managed to nap in every lecture hall she has ever sat in. She can often be spotted around Glasgow with either an overpriced coffee or a cheap glass of white wine in hand. Allegedly, if you say ‘Harry Styles’ three times in front of a mirror, she will appear in your room crying. Dances like yer da. Can and will tell you obscure animal facts, regardless of your interest. Is extremely wary of grey squirrels.

Editorial Coordinator Ella

Ella Field (she/her)

Editorial Coordinator

When Ella is not tooting the sax she can be found snuggled up watching a documentary with a (large) glass of wine. Until rather too recently she has been known to start dance battles in the club on the reg. Other battles she gets involved in include: making the best scrambled egg, having the cutest dog and fancying Louis Theroux the most.

Illustrations & Graphics Coord Nilanjana

Nilanjana Mannarprayil (she/her)

Illustration & Graphics Coordinator

It looks like things are finally looking up (see picture) for Nilanjana as she delves into her second year studying product design in Glasgow. She is often seen making fluffy pancakes or reminiscing about the tropical heat back at her home. She is your go-to person for dramatic hair changes (trust me she’s had quite a number of those) or someone to explore wildlife with!

Copy Editor Ioulitta

Ioulitta Triantafyllou (she/her)

Copy Editor

Ioulitta is a 4th year English student from Athens. In her spare time she enjoys dismantling the patriarchy at the local skatepark and getting annoyed at people who call her Lolita. You will often find her video calling her cats or engaging in mom behavior.

Copy Editor Rosie

Rosie Shackles (she/her)

Copy Editor

Rosie is a third year History student. Writing this bio confirmed that she wants to spend her twenties reading or editing other people’s work rather than writing her own. She likes to believe she is as cool, calm and collected as Rory Gilmore but actually has serious Lorelai energy. Either way she wishes she lived in Stars Hollow and would choose Jess over Dean. 

Ophelia Hazzan (she/her)

Copy Editor

Ophelia is a third year Theology student. Growing up in Guernsey, her favourite place to be is in, on, or near the sea. When she’s not napping, you’ll find her wandering the streets of Glasgow trying to befriend cats. If Ophelia were to win a lifetime achievement award, it would be for shamelessly crying in public at any given moment. As far as we know, she’s the only ‘Ophelia Hazzan’ in the world, so it’s safe to say she’s one of a kind.

Science & Tech Editor Tiarna

Tiarna Meehan (she/her)

Science & Tech Editor

Tiarna is a second year Pharmacology student with a newfound love for Sriracha sauce and cat emojis. If she’s not skateboarding (or attempting to) you can find her deconstructing the entire discography of Charli XCX over a bottle of Barefoot wine.

Art & Photography Eilidh

Eilidh Wright (she/her)

Art & Photography Editor

Eilidh is a sucker for a horoscope and in true Sagittarian style, will ascribe deep, philosophical meaning to it. In her spare time she retreats home to a rural glen to recreate the Scottish version of the noughties classic, The Simple Life. After an existential crisis prompted a career change to law, Eilidh is hoping to put her degree in art to good use in her new role as Art and Photography Editor.

Lillian Salvatore (she/her)

Creative Writing Editor

Lillian is a third year Scottish and English Literature student. She’s fond of pear juice, Saturday Night Live, and taking pictures of flowers. When she’s not chatting up the Duo Lingo bird for extra lives, you’ll find her in the cinema or writing poetry.

Culture editor John

John Tinneny (he/him)

Culture Editor

John is a 4th year English Literature and French student. Originally from Belfast, his hobbies include photography, writing (shocker) and nerding out over random facts to do with linguistics. 

Style & Beauty Editor Daniel

Daniel Castro (he/him)

Style & Beauty Editor

Daniel is your first style and beauty editor who wears as many bad outfits as he does good ones. Tacky is in and cringe culture is out. He’s come up from London to study classics & english literature at glasgow uni, but in his spare time he likes memes and sugar (giving 12 year olds a run for their money). He’s currently debating whether he should make the jump from studs to hoops, what do you think?”

Features Editor Eilidh

Eilidh Akilade (she/her)

Features Editor

Authentic y2k English Literature student. Third year so no swaps, no refunds. Would look so cute paired with a cup of tea (oat milk, a lil bit of honey, a metal straw) or a sweet potato curry. Super stressy and unfortunately can’t actually make a sweet potato curry but apart from that no obvious signs of wear. Message me for bundle deals. 

Culture editor Cain

Cain McKendry (he/him)

Culture Editor

Cain recently went through somewhat of a crisis and bleached his eyebrows. He claims he’s doing just fine. Cain also claims that he likes to read, but he’s only ever been seen buying books just to leave them on his desk. It’s widely rumoured that he’s cultured, handsome & very down to earth. It’s unclear who started these rumours.

Tom Hall (he/him)

Politics Editor

Tom is a second-year Italian and sociology student from Newcastle using references to North East Makina as a replacement for a personality. Usually found on the 9th floor of the library having a kip on that red sofa. Will happily talk to anyone that will listen about Italodisco or anarchist theory.

Website manager Janika

Janika Popova (she/her)

Website Manager

Janika is a 3rd year Law student hailing from Estonia (bonus points if you can find it on a map). When she isn’t crying about her uni work, she’s actively drowning her sorrows by travelling the world. On the rare occasion that you actually catch her in Glasgow, she will rant to you about the benefits of vegetarianism and try to give you one of her numerous plant babies.

Advertising manager Larisa

Larisa Hamilton (she/her)

Advertising Manager

Don’t be alarmed if when making eye contact/ talking to Larisa she goes bright red, she’s just embarrassed. She would eventually like to be as cool as her mum. Larisa is excited to be GUM’s Don Draper if you replace cheating on her wife all the time with getting exciting companies to sponsor and advertise with GUM.

Events manager Jade

Jade Harries (she/her)

Events Manager

Jade is a second year Accounting student. In her spare time, she enjoys pretending she has a cooking show when actually she’s just talking to herself in her kitchen. Her go-to camera pose is “dazed and confused” which is clearly displayed in the picture above. Caution: be prepared for, as stated on the hit tween show iCarly, RANDOM DANCING.

Events manager Hannah

Hannah George (she/her)

Events Manager

Hannah is a third year English Literature student. When not climbing trees or hills she can be found watering her houseplants and wearing cool socks.

Social Media Manager Aisha

Aisha Spats (she/her)

Social Media Manager

Aisha is in her 3rd year and enjoys the simple things in life : eating tangerines, riding her bike, propagating seeds and playing the hit mobile game “bubway yurfers” (no free promo). If spotted, please stop her from calling tea “dipping sauce for biscuits” in front of tea drinkers. 

Editorial Artist Yana

Yana Dzhakupova (she/her)

Editorial Artist

Going into her first year of studying History of Art, Yana is the Editorial Artist who believes that Pinterest is a manifestation app. She wears red lipstick and wishes her hair was naturally curly. She plays ABBA whenever she wants to feel strong emotion and is proud of sharing three astrology placements with Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She would choose Hugh Grant over Colin Firth.

Editorial artist Ella

Ella Edwards (she/her)

Editorial Artist

Ella, well, she’s happy so long as she’s not hungry. She is either re-watching old TV shows for the hundredth time, drawing excessively (this includes doodling on lecture notes), or finding any opportunity to travel. She’s from Germany and is in her third year studying Neuroscience. It is widely recognised that her typing is hideous and that she laughs at most things.

Music Columnist Deri

Deri Ronan (she/her)

Music Columnist

Deri is a politics student in her final year. Although she got into grime music in order to piss off her flatmate, she is now convinced that ‘Boy in da Corner’ is the best album of our time and henceforth will strictly conduct each month’s reviews in comparison to the pioneer and lyrical genius that is Dizzee Rascal.

Columnist Beatrice

Beatrice Efimov (she/her)


Bea is a third year Politics student whose life story is just about as confusing as people claim her six letter surname to be. Is referred to as a polyglot by friends, only recently discovering that the word is not a Star Wars reference. Loves a conspiracy theory and is convinced it’s due to genetic disposition. Has a complicated relationship with mice.

Columnist Julia

Julia Hegele (she/her)


Born and raised in the majestic, south-metro suburbs of Colorado, Julia can be found quenching her thirst for high climbs and stunning scenery on the 11th floor of the library. Her degree in theatre studies is morphing quickly into what looks to be a poorly funded Senate run, so before throwing herself into the debt of law school she is taking every opportunity she can to stroll alongside the Kelvin in the pouring rain with a vegan samosa from Rajou’s and Miss Anthropocene on repeat. 

Columnist Ruth

Ruth Underwood (they/them)


Ruth can mostly be spotted in cathedrals or around candles. Their greatest loves are baby farm animals, fake fur, medieval illuminated manuscripts, and boobs. They are fashionable, beautiful, and eccentric. Recently, they won the award for miss humble 2020. They are definitely going to be utilising this energy for their articles in GUM this year so stay tuned <3

Columnist Lucy

Lucy Fitzgerald (she/they)


Lucy is a second year Law and English Literature student. Regretfully taking the most reading intensive course combination ever, her free time is maximised dancing, honing her cinephile god complex and fulfilling columnist positions at GUM and The Glasgow Guardian. Chaotic Gen-Z shitposting in human form, Lucy can recite The Lonely Island’s entire discography verbatim and considers the magnum opus of 21st century cinema to be the Cat in the Hat (2003). Would sacrifice herself for Jane Fonda and Eric Andre and will defend the meta merits of GLEE until her dying breath.

Columnist Bianca

Bianca Callegaro (she/her)


Bianca is a 3rd year History of Art and Film student. Originally from Milan, Italy, she is passionate about art, writing (shocking right?) and photography. Polyglot and plant mum, she is known to always be on the hunt for the sunlit spots in the library. When not planning the next travel adventure, she can be found doing yoga, cooking pasta and watching alternative films from niche festivals.

Columnist Kieran

Kieren Mehta (he/him)


Three years into his astrophysics degree, Kieren has accepted that what he actually really enjoys doing is writing (poor, award-winning, illegible; whatever), cooking good food for good friends and making too many spotify playlists. He also likes cycling at a pace that doesn’t set his heart rate above 150bpm and coffee that sets it well above that. He is trying to learn how to do cryptic crosswords but not succeeding, so if you have any tips his number is [redacted] –

Graphic Designer Zach

Zachary Czerwinski (he/him)

Graphic Designer

Zach is still unsure how he ended up designing the magazine of a university he doesn’t even study at. He hopes no one has noticed yet. In his free time, he enjoys being the most pretentious person in the room, reading way too much books for his own good, and worrying about the effects of neoliberal policies. 

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