Tiarna Meehan (she/her)

Co Editor-in-Chief

Barefoot is out and Red Stripe is in – the tiny ones in brown glass bottles specifically. It’s called growth – look it up!  Speaking of, Tiarna’s roots are an imminent concern. The bleach kit is buried somewhere under the typical paraphernalia of 2008 Vice magazines and sheets of WONKY stickers. Proud owner of last year’s famed ‘Grimes wall’ – the £140 deposit fine was completely worth it. Currently in the midst of another rebrand era: Tiarna can be found partaking in what she calls “acting 26” and cutting around the West End with an oat flat white. 


Eilidh Akilade (she/her)

Co Editor-in-Chief

Love Island water bottle, clumpy mascara, too many cardigans – fourth-year English Literature student Eilidh can usually be found voice noting a friend about everything and nothing. She likes making below-average cardamom buns and drinking shit white wine. Eilidh wants to talk to you about spatiality, Jennifer’s Body (2009), and why her handwriting is abstract, not messy, actually. 



Lillian Salvatore (she/her)

Editorial Director

After almost two hours into writing and re-writing this bio, Lillian is pretty confident she’s not overthinking things. To ease her anxiety about going into her final year studying English & Scottish Literature, she’s big into spending a lot of time looking at the soft toys on the Jellycat website and listening to podcasts about murder. She’s fond of dinosaurs and talking about early ‘00s SNL sketches, and is genuinely really happy to hear about that weird dream you had last night.

Anest Williams (she/her)

Features Editor

Anest is a 4th year English language & linguistics student from North Wales who loves telling everyone that Welsh is in fact her first language. Other loves include: obscure linguistic facts, good vegan pizza, and the smell of bookshops (she can’t leave a bookshop without a new book so this love costs her a fair bit). She firmly believes that everything happens for a reason, and she really wants to finally learn to play chess this year. 


Conal McGregor (he/him)

Politics Editor

Conal is a 3rd year Politics student from “near Edinburgh” who is struggling to come to terms with the fact that mullets just aren’t as cool as they used to be. He can regularly be observed stealing novelty mugs from parties (it’s nice to have a hobby), or letting people know that he’s “actually mates with the DJ playing tonight”. Sources close to him have recently briefed that despite having never seen the films, he’s staunchly Team Edward. 


James Taylor (he/him)

Culture Editor

James is a final year English Lit student. He enjoys reading books in the bath, pursuing his napping career, sixties baroque-pop, and crocheting things poorly for his friends. Due to his life appearing to be one long nursing home recreation hour, rumours abound that he actually is an auld yin, and has maintained his youthful complexion with continued use of SPF moisturizer and stanning Nelly Furtado. These he will neither confirm nor deny, although he will happily speak to you about the spiritual benefits of buttered toast instead. 


Sophia Archontis (she/her)

Culture Editor

Sophia is a 4th Year Philosophy and English Literature student. Sophia is currently deep into a Britney phase, so who knows when her brain will resurface for enough time to write an adequate bio. Sophia thinks her interests are original, but she is obsessed with film photography, collects (heavy) books that she will at some point have to carry out of her current apartment, and owns too many delicate mugs that she will also have to bubble wrap eventually. Such is life.   


Lucy McLaughlin (she/her)

Style & Beauty Editor

Lucy has just graduated from her English Lit/Art History degree and is returning as a washed-up masters student. Her love for lentils is almost as big as her pashun for fashfun, however if you see her out in the wild she’ll likely be in the library with pjs and/or a crusty sweatshirt on (mind ur business). In a stunning twist, she enjoys writing and reading (*pause to gasp*), but considers herself a creative jack of all trades. It’s unclear if anyone is yet to agree with this characterisation. 


Kieren Mehta (he/him)

Science & Technology Editor

Kieren is a final year student who likes theatre, art museums & cooking fancy food for mates. In lieu of them the past year, he’s fallen to rely on wine, cheese, & clothes he can’t pull off. If you see a small man cycling in an ill-fitting pink Keith Haring jumper, clutching an Astrophysics textbook & a slice of brie; that’s your Sci & Tech editor.


Hannah George (she/her)

Creative Writing Editor

Hannah is a fourth year English literature student who enjoys cutting her fringe badly, making zines and drinking chocolate milk. She is prone to being hangry and therefore must be accompanied by snacks at all times. In her free time she can be found watching sunsets and wild swimming.

Lola O’Brien Dele (she/her)

Running Columnist

Lola should be a 3rd year politics student but she’s taking a mid degree gap year because she realised she’d rather be a bum on a beach than learn about Hobbes. Dresses like someone’s mum on the way to pilates. Can run 5k but only if she’s listening to Mitski. Likes to think that she’s a Samantha, but has recently had to come to terms with the fact that she’s definitely a Carrie. Chosen beverage? Green smoothie, or a vodka soda lime.

Izzie Chowdhury (she/they)

Running Columnist

Tired, freakish n constantly warm, Politics and English Literature student Izzie is usually lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling whilst wondering if she has watered the plants. You can find them frequenting coffee shops, nose in a sci-fi novel whilst listening to the Twilight soundtrack. She’s a big fan of the gothic, hyper-pop and the decay of society via alien/machine take over; and insists on everyone watching bad 80’s horror with her. Pine green and obnoxious neon blue sum her up pretty well. 


Cameron Rhodes (he/him)

General Columnist

Cameron is a first year English Literature student who is currently searching for the rest of the Cameron Roads (see image above). On the side he enjoys struggling to cook basic meals and writing while listening to Björk.


Rosa Gilder (she/her)

General Columnist

Rosa is a third-year English Literature student who has a great love of anything sweet, bland food and never finishing art projects. She has a newfound love for trying (and mostly failing) to look after plants, and will happily argue with anyone about bourbons being the superior biscuit to custard creams.


Marta Zarantonello (she/her)

General Columnist

Marta is a second year inspiring civil engineer. She loves themed parties (explains photo above) and her favourite comedy is, proudly, Twilight. Her only personality traits are being italian and addicted to coffee, which is why she can mainly be spotted in coffee shops around Glasgow trying to find the best espresso the city can offer.

Jackson Harvey (he/him)

General Columnist

Jackson, much like Peter Pan, is about to start his 6th year at Glasgow Uni. He is doing an MLitt in Creative Writing so that he never has to reference ever again. As a columnist at both GUM and the Guardian this year, his articles will provide plenty of waste paper to wrap your chippies in. Jackson is also doing an internship @ METAL magazine and performs in a TERRIBLE band whenever he feels like embarrassing himself on stage, as well as in print & in person. 


Megan Farrimond (she/her)

Copy Editor

Meg is a fourth year philosophy student who can talk anyone’s ear off about moving to Vienna after watching Before Sunrise one too many times and how the best music genre is clearly italodisco. She can be found searching for someone to listen to her ramblings about her hatred of Carrie Bradshaw or defending her hometown of Bolton.


Meg Gray (she/her)

Copy Editor

Meg’s principle goal as copy editor is that her inability to switch her laptop’s spell check from US English to UK English goes unnoticed. Having begun the process of dissertation writing, she relies on red leister mini cheddars and David Lynch’s weather reports to see her through (will update regarding the effect of this). Her favourite place is West Cork but moping around Kelvingrove park (see above photo) suits her just the same.


Magdalena Strzyczkowska (she/her)

Visuals Director

Magda is a third year maths/digital media student. She still can’t explain her weird choice of majors. She came to Glasgow from Warsaw  expecting all British boys will look as fit as young Hugh Grant. When she isn’t complaining about her maths homework she is obsessing about soccer mom sports or new hobbies.(It’s hot yoga and pottery now ;)) She would say she can drink because she’s from Poland, but would be tipsy after second glass of wine. 

Would show you her love by cooking for you. (She’s a chef) Fun fact: half of her friends can’t pronounce her name.


Giulia Saporito (she/her)

Graphic Designer (Print)

Giulia is a Communication Design postgrad student in her final year. She’s probably the oldest member of the team, but not afraid of it. The colours she picks for her layouts match with her outfits these days. She can be spotted wandering the streets of Glasgow looking for some nice type or giant pizzas.


Esther Omez (she/her)

Graphic Designer (Journal)

Esther is a French second year Communication Design student with a deep love for food but most importantly cheese and wine. In her free time she enjoys painting and being at one with nature.


Jessica Harle (she/her)

Assistant Graphic Designer (Journal)

Cameron is a first year English Literature student who is currently searching for the rest of the Cameron Roads (see image above). On the side he enjoys struggling to cook basic meals and writing while listening to Björk.


Séania Strain (she/her)

Editorial Artist

When she isn’t hunched over her ipad or covered in paint Séania is a loving mother to her precious plant babies ranging from avocado babies to a toddler sized monster cheese. A queen of naps and consuming potatoes in every form she leaves trails of orange curls behind her as a souvenir of her presence.  


Magdalena Kosut (she/her)

Editorial Artist

 Magdalena is a 3rd year Psychology & Philosophy student, passionate about mental health awareness, art and lesbian period dramas. When she isn’t having an existential crisis or considering getting a septum piercing, she likes to crochet, cook, go on walks and engage in otherwise grandma-like activities. Word is she can be decent at drawing sometimes. Likes dancing and is undeterred by her lack of skill in that department. She is still waiting for someone to take her on a museum date.


Olivia Juett (she/her)

Editorial Artist

Olivia = dancing + crockery obsession + white eyeliner – too many open browser tabs.


Eliza Hart (she/her)

Art & Photography Curator and Editorial Artist

Eliza is a third year Communication Design student but Buzzfeed reckons she’s amalgamation of Miranda Hobbes and Neville Longbottom. Enjoys cold water swimming and frying an egg on a stove somewhere scenic. Likes to think she’s an avid reader but has thoroughly analysed more ‘personal life’ entries on Wikipedia this year than any book on her reading list. Advocates (BOTH) mayo and ketchup on fried food. 



Janika Popova (she/her)

Digital Media Director

Janika is a 4th year Law student hailing from Estonia (bonus points if you can find it on a map). When she isn’t crying about her uni work, she’s actively drowning her sorrows by travelling the world (COVID allowing). While seeing her in Glasgow is rare, sources say that she can easily be lured out of hiding by the promise of a coffee and/or a plant swap.


Violet Maxwell (she/her)

Social Media Manager

Violet is a third year History of Art student who can be found desperately trying to befriend every animal that crosses her path. When she’s not dragging her friends to Tchai Ovna, she can be found crying to Frank Ocean and perusing her socials for tattoo inspiration. Her love languages include red wine and being told she’s right.


Mia Squire (she/her)

Social Media Manager

Mia is a third year English lit student with a love for cooking, cats and country music. Hobbies include crocheting in an attempt to feel productive whilst neglecting coursework, and never saying no to a night out. 


Rebecca Kane (She/Her)

Podcast Manager

Rebecca has just recently graduated from Glasgow with a degree in History of Art and English Literature. Terrified by the thought of ‘real-life’ work, she has decided to dive into a Creative Writing Masters to postpone that venture for another year. She is a 70s loving Capricorn whose karaoke song is ‘Toxic’ by Brittney Spears. When she is not frequenting Cosmopol, she is often seen writing poems about the ocean, trying to look like Stevie Nicks and eating bread to the point of hospitalisation (something that has actually happened to her in the past.)


Nadim Ouf (he/him)

Website Manager

With a mouth like Azealia Banks, chaos follows everywhere he goes. Trademarking “Nadim” as, much like his life decisions, a performance art piece. As a computer science student and part-time arsonist, he refuses to use social media instead prints out photos of himself and hands them to people on the street because, and I quote “the government is mining our data to revive forever 21”. Do Won Chang being his sworn enemy he cannot let that happen, and of course capitalism. He dropped his Egyptian ancestry as multiple people assumed he was Caribbean, so he decided to live his life out as an Island gal. Find him at a park screaming to “I Know the End” by Phoebe Bridgers as his monthly emotional breakdown.


Jade Harries (she/her)

Business Director

Jade is third year Accounting student with a very unique set of skills. Those skills being impulse buying, functioning on very little sleep and being able to identify a song within 5 minutes of it being played. Ok, fine. She just has one unique skill. The other two; those being impulse buying and functioning on little sleep; seem to be a very common university student trait. That one skill, although useless in most aspects of life, will be very handy for a pub quiz music section. She’ll start taking applications now. Back to the impulse buying thing. She has regret almost everything she’s every bought on a whim. The one impulse buy that has sparked joy in this 21-year-old is a GIGANTIC plush shark that she cuddles with every night. 


Marta Przygodzka (she/her)

Events Manager

When PMSing, Marta has the intriguing habit of dramatically mourning the death of 20th-century playwrights she knows utterly nothing about. Allegedly has no recollection of these unfortunate events the next morning and returns to her usual activities, namely people-watching and dawdling over the simplest decision. Btw, she’s moved from Warsaw to study history of art, theatre, and film & tv studies (which is indeed too many subjects but that’s another difficult choice for future Marta to make). 


Roisin Craig (she/her)

Advertising Manager

Roisin is a self confessed old soul who at the ripe young age of 19 enjoys any hobby that you might find your gran doing (think knitting, baking or attempting to complete charity shop puzzles with missing pieces). Now entering her third year of economics, Roisin has discovered that she cannot define what economics actually is, which fills her with optimism about her future prospects. Roisin typically spends her spare time contemplating her utter lack of will power – as she simply cannot say no to plans – or sipping a large glass of red wine which she is still trying to convince herself she likes the taste of (she’s fooling no one).

Jess Sullivan (she/her)

Events Manager

Jess is a final year history student whose personality mostly consists of being extremely accident prone. She can usually be found in a Partick charity shop, oat iced latte in hand or forcing people to look at pictures of her cat. Tells everyone abroad she’s from ‘near Manchester’. Loves negroni’s, marmite (both the spread and her cat) and hosting dinner parties- be warned though it’s gonna be spicy, has been known to blow her guests heads. 

Ross Tanner (he/they)

Accessibility & Inclusion Officer

Aspiring spiceboy, failed Spanish student, Girls Aloud fanatic & gay, even. Ross is a (should be 4th year) 3rd year history student who wants nothing more than to be a sexy Spaniard clopping around the cobbled streets of Barthelona. Cofounder and trustee of The Learning to Understand Needs & Abilities (LUNA) Project, Ross is hoping to bring their spice to the new and exciting role of Accessibility & Inclusion Officer. Can be found on level 9 of the library and is often seen talking about all the tattoos they don’t have.

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