The Team



Gabriela Saldanha Blackwood

*Insert Jenny Holzer inflammatory essay here.*


Events Manager

Ellen Grant

Ellen is a fourth year law student who is very uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person. She is happiest when eating cereal, surrounded by doggos of all shapes and sizes, sound tracked by obscure Belgian rap and funky disco beats.


Online Photo Editor

Aike Jansen

Aike swapped Amsterdam for Glasgow to study History of Art & Theatre Studies. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the city and beyond, often with a camera in hand and a notebook in her bag. Her favourite colour is yellow because it's like the sun, spring flowers or Dutch cheese. Also, Van Gogh associated yellow with love and he seemed to know what he was talking about.


Features Editor

Kaisa Saarinen

Kaisa is a fourth year Politics student originally from Finland. She's into environmental and East Asian politics, travelling, photography and film, coffee, music, long train journeys, running, cooking, bees, things like that. You can talk to her about anything (please do!).


Style Editor

Lynsay Holmes

Lynsay’s eyeing up writing in English from all angles, studying a joint degree in English Language and Literature. Quite the funky dresser, she’s known for her bold attire. Usually, she can be found in her natural habitat: Le coffee shop, where she’ll be testing the versatility of paper, either writing a poem or making origami. So if you go into The Steamie and find a paper crane, she’s probably been there.

Social Media Co-Ordinator

Erifili Gounari

Erifili is a second-year Digital Media & History of Art student from Athens, Greece, often called Eristotle by people who can't remember her name. When she's not taking pictures and listening to jazz, she's crying over David Bowie concert videos.


Deputy Editor

Katy Scott

Katy is a third year English literature student who survives solely on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Irn Bru. She can often be found sleeping at questionable times of day, obsessing over minor inaccuracies, or planning holidays that will never happen.


Events Manager

Maisie Wilson

Maisie is a fourth year English Lit and Politics student - when she’s not putting off uni work you can find her raking through vintage shops, listening to her extensive record collection and just being a general Glasgow Uni Wanker. Joking (partially).

Online Editor

Perry Stewart

Perry is a fourth year Archaeology and Digital Media & Information Studies student so her time is divided between sitting in mud pits and lurking on Reddit.


Politics Editor

Rafe Uddin

Rafe is a third year History and Politics student. Originally from London, he chose to move North for the winter – counter to most birds. A lover of cortados, Tintin and theatre. You will probably catch him cycling in the rain – with a look of bemusement – as he ponders why he didn’t just swim to University.


Science Editor

Ethan Kelly

Hello! My name’s Ethan, I’m a maths student at the Uni and it’s my pleasure to be your science editor this year. By trade, I’m an organist and I could spend days fiddling with each mechanism of a pipe organ if they’d let me – hopefully I can put some of that obsession to good use this year and provide you with some interesting and useful science.


Fundraising Co-Ordinator

Sanah Khan

Fourth year english literature meandering through life procrasta-baking and force feeding flatmate.

Copy Editor

Isabel Lwin May Khine

Isabel is a fourth year English Literature student - she can be found eating her weight in vegan food at cafes in the West End.

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Print Photo Editor

Alina Derjabina

Final year Digital Media student, spend large portion of my life eating and sleeping, also will spend everything on travels. Dog enthusiast.


Graphic Designer

Julia Rosner

Julia doesn’t really know how to take care of plants but tries her best. She draws every day but pretends its not for the Insta likes. Will probably cook for you.

Culture Editor

Anna Rieser

Anna is a Media Communications and International Journalism Masters student. In previous incarnations she was a theatre producer, poet and politics dabbler. Now obsessing over truth, trust, the future of the journalism and plants.

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Creative-Writing Editor

Alice Hill-Woods

Alice is a third-year English Literature student and maker of poems. She investigates how creative writing and other art forms can intersect, shoots film on grubby cameras and is fond of pigeons.

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