The Team



Erika Koljonen

Erika is a fourth-year English Literature student who doesn't really have much downtime anymore. If she did she'd tell people she draws and writes, but in reality be six hours deep on a Netflix binge.


Events Manager

Alkmini Nikopoulou

Alkmini is a third year Art history student. She lists chocolate as one of the greatest discoveries on earth and she has a sheer adoration for tea,cats and anything artsy. In her free time you will find her convincing others she is eventually going to the gym, while she is truly busy watching a movie or reading a Wikipedia profile.

Kati-1 web

Photo Editor

Kati Brunk

Kati is a fourth year product design engineering student from Germany. She likes taking photographs and having late night talks, and most people would agree that she says 'excited' way too often.


Features Editor

Morgan Laing

Morgan is a third year English Language student with a penchant for sad songs and celebrity trivia. Her skills include accumulating stacks of loyalty cards that she forgets to use, falling asleep during films, and buying inappropriate footwear.


Style Editor

Aisling Klimke

Aisling is a fourth-year Philosophy student whose hobbies include obsessing over her plant and ordering takeaways.


Deputy Editor

Rachel Shnapp

Rachel is in her final year, studying English Lit with Philosophy. She plans to head to China after uni, and in the meantime is content writing poetry and cooking up tasty Mexican food.


Events Manager

Ruarí MacManus

Ruarí, a Fourth Year English Language student, grew up in what he would argue is the greatest city in the world — Manchester. He moved up to Glasgow for university where he fell in love with all things electronic. From niche Brazilian Boogie Funk to 90s Chicago House and everything in between. When he isn’t running round hosting Disco club nights, Ruarí takes a keen interest in food, art and street wear fashion, all of which he cannot afford.


Online Editor

Berta Kardelytė

Berta is a second year computing student who considers herself the biggest nerd out there. Without marvelling at her giant Dragon Ball Z poster in her room and drooling over animation films, Berta is excited about spreading beauty and people’s creations into the world for everyone to see. Sometimes she cries herself to sleep wishing she were a Super Saiyan.


Politics Editor

Reiss McInally

Reiss is an MLitt American Studies student. He’s a Leo who enjoys good food, music and long walks on the beach. Recently, a taxi driver told him that he looks like Jonny Wilkinson - he doesn’t, but was flattered. Reiss also takes a keen interest in politics.


Style Assistant

Charlotte Dean

Charlotte is a fourth-year History of Art student. With any free time she gets she likes to draw and paint and she especially enjoys life drawing. When not watching the nude form she is watching films and trying to make it into the acting world. She also writes the articles 'Sex and the University' for GUM.


Creative Writing Editor

Jennifer Constable

Jennifer is a recent Journalism graduate and Creative Writing MLitt student. She owns an excessive number of pretty notebooks to give the illusion of productivity, and can often be found singing various Disney numbers in the library. Seals are her spirit animal.


Copy Editor

Kritika Narula

Kritika is annoyingly upbeat about the impact that words can have. Her love for fiction, journalistic tendencies and management acumen used to compete everyday. So she let them all win when she enrolled in MSc Media Management at the University.


Photo Editor

Silvia Sani

Silvia is a third year history of art student from Florence. She's into photography and design, and her daily intake of coffee would make normal people shaky (and probably sick).


Online Editor

Julia Rosner

Julia doesn’t really know how to take care of plants but tries her best. She draws every day but pretends its not for the Insta likes. Will probably cook for you.


Culture Editor

Emma McKie

Emma is a fourth year English Lit student from the thrilling town of Falkirk, who is probably working if not thinking about her dissertation right now. She enjoys drinking great coffee, trying to learn more about film photography and seeing cool works of art all over Glasgow, whilst exploring more of the city at the same time - because even after living in this lovely place for four years, there is still so much left unseen.


Science Editor

Joanna Ashby

Joanna Ashby is a third-year medical student. Got global health experience? Worked abroad in low-resource settings? Care about health inequalities? We're running a year-long series on Global Surgery which spans all areas of science... get in touch!

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