Empathy & the Water Tower

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Isabelle Hunt-Deol shared with us some empathy-themed pictures she took wandering in Glasgow.

“seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.” ― Alfred Adler

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Flash Forward

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All photography is, in some ways, a form of nostalgia: an image captured is a moment passed, not lost but forever retained in a visual form. And maybe it is this almost supernatural ability to capture a fleeting moment that has caused the international obsession with photography, spawning online sites such as Instagram and Tumblr. However, many have come to question the merit of modern day photography; can a picture taken with an iPhone really be considered a form of art? This, in addition to the ability to delete and modify these images until they are unrecognisable from the original ‘moment’ of capture, could be considered as detracting from photography’s romanticism. This romanticism being the ability to freeze time, to develop, print, and frame a fleeting instant on your wall.

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Last night GUM headed down to O2 ABC to catch RDGLDGRN’s Glasgow debut on the first leg of their European Tour. Fair Fax Records’ hottest Hip-Hop signing garnered support from a small but enthusiastic crowd. Considering the quality of their music and their collaborations with the Legendary Dave Grohl and Pharrell Williams, I was surprised that the venue wasn’t packed out. By the way this band is going, I suspect next time they hit town tickets will move faster than Usain Bolt.

The headliners took it upon themselves to come and chat to the crowd before they hit the stage and Red remarked they were ‘humbled to have the opportunity to tour and play to their fans, seeing as a couple of years ago they’d been unemployed jamming in their mom’s basement’. Working with Pharrell had been ‘an inspiring and easy process as they arranged the basics of track within just 25 minutes!’

The warm up was provided by Hector Biserk an unpretentious albeit unlikely combo of a bassist, drummer and MC who’s tracks ranged from angsty anti government ‘Police State’ to the relentlessly catchy ‘Let it go’. Think Jamie T x Rage Against the Machine coated in IRN BRU- you can catch them live at the West End Festival on the 8th of June.


By the time RDGLDGRN appeared everyone had drifted away from the bar and onto the dance floor. Their set was eclectic and energised. The lyrical dexterity of MC Green was intermixed with Gold’s rock infused bass and Red’s softer vocals with drums provided by ‘White Face’ (who’s name stems from a tongue in cheek, PC defying homage to Dave Grohl). They were totally comfortable on stage and it felt as if we were overlooking a jamming session in their backyard. There is something instantly likeable about RDGLDGRN and they would be ideal for a mid afternoon slot at a summer festival.


After the gig the guys were keen to see more of Glasgow, so we took them down to La Cheetah in the hope of giving them a taste of Nightwave’s new night ‘Nightrave’. Unfortunately it proved too popular by demand so we headed to Subculture, where Domenic spun quality techno until the early hours. They certainly enjoyed themselves and we can’t wait till they’re back in town. In the mean time You can check RDGLDGRN’S latest single ‘Million Fans’ here:




Words: Lucy Molloy

Photos: Matthew McAndrew: http://matthewmcandrew.com/?p=3123


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Preview: Guilt. Free. Partying. ‘Make Noise’ Glasgow

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Love partying?

Hate the guilt?

This is the one for you.

Imagine for a minute you’re the Glaswegian Pinocchio. It’s a Thursday Night and you fancy going clubbing. So you have a few drinks with your mates, head to Subby, and it’s all well and good until you get to the door and you find that instead of the usual bouncers it’s Jiminy Cricket standing there. Then he asks you when was the last time was that you recycled your mobile phone? Lost for words, you just blurt out that you don’t have a phone and before you know it, your nose has gotten so big that you can’t fit through the door.

Don’t be that guy.
Bring your broken electrical goods and exchange them for a night of clubbing goodness.

When: Thurs 22nd Nov

Where: Sub Club

Door tax: FREE with any broken electrical item. NB in the eventuality that you can’t find anything GUM recommends going via Murano/checking the nearest skip. (This is not an excuse to dash your phone out the window/drunkenly drop it down the toilet and claim a new one on insurance.)

Line up: Benji B (Radio 1) DJ Martelo  (NTS) and Conquering Animal Sound (Live set)

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Interview: MER, the new face of Viennese Fashion?

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Vanessa Hofmann ventured out of Glasgow to catch up with Vienna-based budding fashion designers Federico Protto Scutti and Attila Lajos on the creation of their label MER. They talk mermaids, mythology and give us their take on breaking into the design world.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself: who you are and where do you come from?

Our label is called MER, it consists of me, Federico Protto Scutti, born in Uruguay, raised in Munich and my friend Attila Lajos from Hungary. Last year we both started studying fashion design at University of Applied Arts in Vienna under the professor Bernhard Willhelm.

2) How did you get started in fashion design?

After finishing high school last year I did an internship at Michael Sontag’s atelier in Berlin during Berlin Fashion Week. After that I applied in Vienna and everything went like clockwork. Attila had already started to study fashion design before in Hungary before he came to Vienna.

3) Who inspired you to become a designer, and how?

Attila’s mom made him clothing, he was the best dressed kid in the kindergarten, he had no other option than to become a fashion designer. He got also called Gucci as a kid.
I got inspired by Gwen Stefanis’ ‘What You Waiting For?’ Music video, she was wearing fantastic Vivienne Westwood Plateau High Heels. That was somehow an inspiration and motivation! But even before that I’ve always been interested in these kinds of aesthetics.

photo by shoji fujii
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Emeralds gig ([email protected] Arches) in photos

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Photo Credits: George Symington


American ambient drone synth trio Emeralds played the Arches last Monday before heading to Barcelona for an appearance at the first main day of Primavera Sound last Thursday. Photographer George Symington gives his pick of shots from the night, showing Emeralds dazzling in full colour  – many of which it must be said are wee gems (YA).

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