4 ways to make money at University

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Going out with friends, grocery shopping, the odd takeaway and that ski trip coming up…the costs whilst at uni can easily mount up and in the lead up to Christmas things can seem pretty tight. However, there are ways to make a bit of extra cash without a huge deal of effort, and free from the commitments of that bar or supermarket job.

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Sell Stuff: The perfect way to de-clutter your digs, earn some money and make someone the happy owner of second-hand stuff too! There are designated websites where you can sell DVDs and CDs and, if you’re hoping for a new iPod or phone for Christmas, these can be flogged too.

Brand Manager: Companies are always on the lookout for outgoing and assertive students to flog their names and goods on campus. If you fancy yourself as a social butterfly you can get paid for chatting to your peers about the company, throwing promotional parties or more mundane tasks like putting up posters and handing out leaflets.

Be a lab rat: Participating in medical studies involving new drugs or therapies can be a recipe for disaster and isn’t recommended. However, many psychological studies which are perfectly harmless also pay money to those taking part. Contact your uni’s psychology department to find out about upcoming research.

Impart your knowledge: Consider becoming a private tutor and imparting your knowledge or musical skills – for a respectable fee, naturally. This does require a little effort, as you’ll have to market yourself, be it as a GCSE maths tutor or a swimming instructor, depending on your skill set. Advertise in local schools and community centres and manage your pupil intake around your uni workload.

Make your student loan go further by earning extra cash whilst at uni. Forget a boring part-time job and instead seek more interesting and convenient ways of topping up the coffers pre-Christmas.

Words: Heshaam Hague


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