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Wreathed, 25 x 35 cm, graphite on paper

[By Martha Stefani-Bose (she/her)]

[Instagram: @m.stefanibose_studio]

My work is based around the body: an individual, constant home. I like to use pattern and colour to portray abstract depictions of how it feels to be in a mentally/physically ill body.

We begin life in these homes, experiencing sensations, making memories, growing and learning. Our homes require attention and work. They can be comforting, nourishing, as well as suffocating.

Visually, I am inspired by imagery of anatomy and nature. I think there’s a lot of mystery and beauty to be found in ourselves and our surroundings.

1 – Ailment Tree, A4, oil bar on paper
2 – Containment, A4, oil bar on paper
3 – Intertwined, A4, oil and graphite on canvas paper
4 – Brain Fog, A4, watercolour on paper


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