A breath of fresh air…

…is all you want after a good night out seeing unsigned bands that Glasgow music scene is renowned for. Breathe in deep then before you go and listen to one of these four gems that we have found for you because you are going to be dancing for a while.


Brother Louis Collective

Brother Louis Collective are a Glasgow six-piece who formed around captivating front man, Louis Abbot, in 2006. 

Making use of an exciting array of instruments including strings, clarinet and double bass, the band do not fail to impress. The combination of Abott’s prominent Scottish tones with the melodic voice of female singer Sarah Hayes provides a beautiful platform for projecting their heartfelt, honest lyrics. With words delving into friendships, family and life, these musicians seem not only intent on taking over our ears but also our minds and hearts. It is through this delicate mergence of voices and strings that Brother Louis Collective draw their audiences into a word of silent reflection, but just as easily snap them out again with an energetic and electrifying instrumental infusion. It is this powerful versatility that gives BLC their edge, and set them up as a band definitely worth catching live. 

Currently recording their debut album, Brother Louis Collective can be found at www.myspace.com/brotherlouismusic.

Sounds like: enchantment and sentimentality laced with real life.

Nevada Base

Catchy, funky beats? Music you can dance to? Nevada Base have it covered. The 4-piece Glasgow band fuse an exciting combination of electro sounds which will have you shimmying around your bedroom within mere milliseconds. Since forming in 2008, Nevada Base have been churning out this addictive electro pop, gaining them comparisions to bands like Hot Chip and Friendly Fires. With influences such as New Order and Human League, it is easy to see where the band have found inspiration to create their own pulsing synth beats.

Not only content with producing these vibrant tracks, the band also fuel our thoughts with lyrics about love, life and “mysterious women from space”.  

Nevada Base can be found on their impressively self-constructed website:  www.nevadabase.co.uk.

Sounds like: electro-magnetic magic.

Skinny Villains

Skinny Villains are another 4-piece who are thrashing their way into our eardrums, striving to make their mark.

The band plan on causing a stir and want to “shake things up” on the Glasgow music scene. Their exciting, thrilling tunes make this something they are able to achieve, and puts them on the map as a band certainly worth giving a listen to.

Stating their influences as being bands such as the Libertines (along with Jack Daniels…), we can understand how these musicans came to produce such an energetic sound, capturing a lively atmosphere which gives the impression that they will be a powerful and intense live act.

Check them out at www.myspace.com/skinnyvillains.

Sounds like:  four sweaty Scotsmen…

Vendor Defender

As far as vibrant, fresh new talent goes, Vendor Defender have it all. The three members came together in early 2008 and have since been creating their own unique brand of new wave, indie and pop. 

It is this modern mix which gives the band their individuality, making them at once one of the most interesting and exhilirating new acts in a music scene dominated by bands which sound alike. Combine this with incredibly catchy tracks such as ‘Justin’ and ‘Dreamphone’, and you have band which seem almost unstoppable and entirely infectious.

Striking, exiting and most definiately unforgettable, Vendor Defender can be found at www.myspace.com/vendordefender. 

Sounds like:  Vendor Defender.


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