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Death by revision

Revision: making me feel like a moron since day.
Unfortunately with exam period looming- unless you’re hell bent on failing/ one of those people who get away with doing nothing there is just no avoiding it.
So whether you’re hauling ass to the library or cowering in the corner of your room struggling to read your own handwriting- this is the playlist that may just get you through.

Disclaimer: Not substitute for actual intelligence


Phillip Glass: Opening of Glassworks

Simon Hinter: Take Care

Bonobo: All in Forms

Moby: Porcelain

Deadmau5: HR 8938 cephei

Exodub: It’s Alright

Clams Casino: Palace (Instrumental)

Fourtet: Ribbons

Aphex Twin: Stone in Focus

Fat Freddy’s Drop: Hope

And for when you’re flagging:

Fatman Scoop: Be Faithful

Words: Lucy Molloy









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