an herbal summer

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Words: Veronica Gikas (She/Her)

there is a fog 

that holds the sea. 

it’s lungs were 

wide open 

for me 

it took me in 

and gave me seaweed 


and rosemary bread 

it left pebbles underneath my feet the kind that give way 


the angels were there again. 

they tickled the nape 

of my neck 

and coiled their fingers 

through my thread 

and the fog pursued me – 


it was an unresolved agreement 

every part of me that was part of 

someone else 

had gone back to the rotting fruit 

and decaying earth 

leeches ached for my flesh, 

whatever could be left of me. 

and there it was again 

the fog 

she sang to me and stroked my hair i told her 

i have nothing beautiful left to say

she said 

your soul spills out before me and you still don’t see how we can be transfixed with your heart.


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