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Mark Lyken is a visual and sound artist based in Glasgow and the current online silent auction of his work allows you to explore his original artworks at your fingertips. Lyken’s paintings take a playful look at time and scale seeming scientific through their geometric elements but highly emotive through the charged use of colour. The acrylic, spray paint and ink pieces create anticipation for his new collaborative project with documentary filmmaker Emma Dove, MIRROR LANDS.


As part of Creative Scotland’s, Imagining Natural Scotland Project, MIRROR LANDS is set to connect nature and culture, challenging ideas of life in the Scottish Highlands. The project will take place around the Cromarty Firth and will use film and multi-channel sound installation, creating a narrative between technology and this seemingly isolated environment. All proceeds of Lyken’s artwork will go toward the post-production costs of the installation.

Auction is live until 9pm Monday


–Robyn Limond


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