Austerity | Jessica McBride

The brilliance of austerity is that it brings forth an air of discretion. It does not threaten with brashness nor does it detract attention away from its purity. Rather, austerity commandeers the stealth of one’s wealth of character.
Judicious spending is now a la mode in consumer behaviour, whilst the vision of the ideal now suggests austerity over excess. The prevalent intention of designers today is to highlight the power of design which spells out the future without threatening consumers who are hard-pressed in economic times by feeling isolated from the enjoyment of garment gratification.
Re-access your wardrobe and figure out what you – the individual – appreciate most and build upon it with items that challenge your own interests in fashion yet still meet your needs. By having basics as the silhouetted backdrop, truly contemporary design comes into prominence with individual items that justify their worth. Architectural angles and constructed volume are given kudos over any definitive ‘it’ item. Apparel now has been conceived of as a lesson in geometric volume via a range of formations.
Made with integrity in material and abiding power in style, items with structured shape all define the current mood – nonetheless there is no singular shape and no isolated structure. In a sense, the wearer is given the power to define his or her own silhouette as an act of individuality.
Boxy shoulders, peplum skirts, balloon and banana shapes, bell- sleeves, pea coats and peg-leg trousers have all been on show to interpret what best works and what emanates confidence in oneself. There are items that are classics and there are those that are truly future-forward. These shapes, formulated by creases, pleats and moulds, function by teaming with those basic garments consistently available. There is no need to binge on a myriad of new items when all that is truly required is to select that which have lasting power and bring to life a perennial collection of pieces with a new air of discretion. The moment is fertile for design innovation and the decision in some (albeit austere) form is up to you.


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