Beauty without Brutality: vegan cosmetics to last you the winter

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[Written by Ophelia Hazzan]

[Image Credits: Chris Timmins]

Before we begin, I’d like to clarify that all of the brands listed are cruelty-free, and all of the products mentioned are vegan.

The Body Shop was the first global cosmetics company to fight animal testing more than 30 years ago, and their commitment to the campaign matches their commitment to quality products. The UK-based brand provides an abundance of skincare goods including body mists, lotions, scrubs, yogurts – the list goes on. No matter your needs, The Body Shop is sure to leave your skin feeling hydrated and smelling great.

On the topic of fragrance, Pacifica have a distinguished range of natural-smelling perfumes which come in the form of sprays, mists, roll-ons and solid sticks. While the brand specialises in fragrances, their more recent cosmetic line has also been incredibly successful and popular.

PHB Ethical Beauty offer hair care, skin care, and cosmetics, and not only are all of their products vegan, but they’re also halal and palm oil free. PHB’s goods can be on the pricey end, so it’s worth checking reviews before purchasing. My favourite product of theirs is the shampoo: with only a handful of ingredients and a scent free formula, it accommodates all hair types and is forgiving of sensitive skin.

If you use make-up it’s a good idea to invest in a primer, especially during the colder months. The bareMinerals primer protects your face from the dry winter air, UV rays, and gives your make-up a more refined finish. The price may be off-putting, but the cost appears to be worth it, shown by the numerous awards won by the brand.  

Barry M is known best for gel nail polish: it’s cheap, long lasting, easy to apply, and comes in (literally) hundreds of colours. The majority of Barry M’s other make-up is vegan, including the best-selling colour correctors which can be applied on top of or instead of a primer.

e.l.f. provides high-quality products for low prices – whether you’re on a budget or not, e.l.f. will undoubtedly work for you. Their best-selling products include foundations and concealers, which accommodate a variety of skin colours and types. If a product isn’t quite right for your skin, e.l.f. also sell mixers than can adjust the shade and undertone of your foundation.

If you’re wanting a more polished finish to your look, I’d recommend using make-up brushes. EcoTools offers a wide array of vegan brushes, all at an affordable price. The EcoTools website also provides a guide on how to use each type of brush – you’re definitely in safe hands with this company. For the sake of your skin and the lifespan of your brushes, it’s important to maintain cleanliness. In addition to their vegan cosmetic line, B. Beauty by Superdrug offers a cheap brush cleanser and an efficient makeup remover.

If you’re not so keen on using make-up brushes, I’d encourage you to explore Milk Makeup. All of their cosmetics are designed for easy, quick application, so no brushes are required. Their most notable product is the award-winning KUSH mascara, which replaces beeswax (a common ingredient in mascara) with moisturising cannabis oil.

For those of you who aren’t satisfied by mascara alone, Illamasqua offer a range of false eyelashes, all of which are vegan and reusable.

If you’re the type to favour bold lips, I’d recommend Axiology. Their products are certainly expensive, but the brand specialises in lipstick alone, so you can be assured that you get what you pay for.

You may have come across Kat Von D’s award-winning Tattoo Liner. While this eyeliner is reportedly flawless, it is costly. If you’re seeking a more purse-friendly alternative, I’d recommend Soap & Glory’s Supercat Skinny eyeliner. 

Lime Crime offer a variety of renowned eyeshadow palettes, which appear to be worth the price, albeit a high price. A more affordable option is the Everyday Minerals range of eyeshadows – the palettes are just as colourful, just as pigmented, but much cheaper. If this isn’t enough to tempt you, all of Everyday Minerals’ packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable.

I hope that whoever’s reading this – vegan or not – considers integrating these products into their regimen. All of the goods mentioned are excellent in their own right; not just because they’re vegan. Help yourself and the planet at the same time. If you’re feeling inspired beyond this article, I suggest exploring – this is an eco-conscious website that offers a curated range of ethically sourced homeware, fashion, and beauty essentials.


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