Bedtime Number

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Words: Rebecca Trotter (She/Her)

‘Bacharach was pretty, but Hal had the knack’

Just please dad, one more song… before we hit the sack 

I hop on the sofa to give him the stage, 

He strikes a pose, concealing his age 

Eyes closed, toes a tappin’ 

I play the audience, resounding clapping 

small prayer for good luck, 

Then comes that hook 

Mum walks past, barely amused

She catches my feet, ‘hey take off ur shoes’

But the show must go on, the chorus is coming 

A daft dance erupts, the sound of drumming 

A revived youth, he prances and fakes 

The prayer sung, as Aretha awakes 

Day in, day out, make up intact 

the bus commute, there and back 

In spite of the hour, he knows it’s still there 

His moves that is, not his hair 

To delight and amuse, the young doll at home

Who misses it most, now that she’s grown


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