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[Written by Rowan Bland]

[Image by Elena Roselli]

I have always been in-between

Sideways and down ways and always

upside down.

I am rumbled between homes with my eyes

locked at the view of the sun between the slats and

I am between you, locked so tightly that I

forget I am an inbetween-er.

Look in-between my hands

the sun is caught there like a miniature version

of my world.

Inside your hand I am away from this road that is being

devoured in front of me.

In this wooden box I am bumped and indecisive

I am rocked all ways and always will be

in-between yours.

[Image Description: The head and upper body of a female statue, photographed from the back, so the statue seems to look back at a cluster of leaves and branches.]


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