blue, wait and see

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[Written by James Gale]

[Image Credits: Joseph Clark]

blue, wait and see

it’s raining today

and within four walls dangers hide

hopes slip and slide, you toe the line

between self

loving and loathing

scraping and escaping into cheap booze 

ash-stained clothing

All-Knowing? toing, froing

anything to keep the embers glowing

you’ll never know which way it’s flowing

caught in the currents of joy and woe

it’s not what you signed up for

it’s not anything no-one’s felt before

but you can’t face the prospect of the long dark 

to find out what’s behind the gloom

you must take one day at a time

watch the morning crawl on by

we can only hope your luck is kind

but know hope

it’s never the same sky twice


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