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Words: Carys Brown (She/Her)

Murky eyes like ponds reflecting an orange sun

Didn’t belong in the pale moon craters on my face

So I pinched them and dragged them out,

And put them aside, until I could find their place

All was well for a brief moment

Until I saw the peachy hill beneath my chest

Was scattered with coarse dark weeds

So I dug the skin away, uprooting that unruly pest

But then, looking down I saw stony ridges on my feet 

Were cutting up that mottled ocean of legs and calves

So I found the weakest point between them

And split them into halves

Yet after this I observed that thin fingers like flaky granite

Looked silly on top of the sweaty falls of my palms

So I plucked them off one by one

And had a moment’s rest from my qualms

But my eyes rolled across the floor

When they saw the birds nest on my head

So I brushed and shook and scattered it 

Until all the birds fell dead

And the more I looked the more I found

Something else was sticking out, 

So I carried on shifting and dividing and cutting,

Recording my reflection throughout

And surely that was me, a twitching mass of cells dressing the ground

Perhaps the most tangibly beautiful body that had ever been found


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