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One can but lament the fact the men’s day-to-day fashion mainly restricts itself to the ubiquitous Topman shirts and G-Star jeans: all too little attention is given to making men’s fashion that bit different, original or more outgoing than it actually is.

Even as we speak, despite the fact the men’s Fashion Weeks have just finished blazing away in the different fashion capitals, we get very little media coverage and exposure to what is being designed and created higher-up the male fashion-line (and even that, if we’re being honest, isn’t overly crazy either). As a result, menswear tends to stay relatively safe and static through time – something which many people would argue is a result of the fact that guys aren’t that interested in clothes. Debatable. But what if they were given the chance to break out for a change?

And this, people, is where things get exciting as the Hillhead Bookclub, home to Granny Would be Proud fairs, will be hosting a clothes fair, for men, and for men only. The average (female) vintage aficionado will be well acquainted with the GWBP fair and no doubt have spent many a Sunday afternoon there perusing the stalls in the hope of snapping up some beauty from times past or some cute accessory designed by one of many local designers. For the first time though, things are being turned on their heads with the “Boyroom Blitz” as the sartorial master-mind behind the venture, Frederique Villain, is putting men in the shopping-spotlight.

Re-using the original GWBP idea, the stalls held by local talent and designers will be offering items for the male-wardrobe as well as anything that might be appropriate to deck out a man. Expect to find bow-ties and cufflinks. Or something I’m personally looking forward to: menswear designs by Jennie Lööf. It’s exciting to see designers like her pay attention to men, because it’s rare for there to be anything affordable allowing guys to explore and be adventurous in what they wear. If her women’s wear is anything to go by (which it is), then her menswear should be fun, quirky and show-stopping. And quite frankly, if this doesn’t sound enticing to the men, no matter, because just it is a “boys” thing doesn’t mean that we girls are excluded from having a browse.

So, whether fashion is your thing or not, and whether you are a guy or not, I recommend you head on down to the Hillhead Bookclub on the 12th of February (from midday until 5pm) as this could be a turning point. Will we be seeing hoards of dapper gentleman or vintage-rebels, à la James Dean, parade down Byres Road in the near future? I truly well hope so.

Text by Ginger Clark


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