Breakin’ Convention, 8, 9 November 2010

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Photo Credits: Kirsty MacQueen

Kirsty MacQueen, Text and Photos

Photo Credit: Kirsty MacQueen

Breakin’ Convention returned to Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre for it’s third year and from the outset hosts Tony Thrills and Jonzi D created n electric atmosphere, which had the audience whooping all night.

One of the youngest performers Nathan Gray a.k.a N.R.G, of local Glasgow act Flyin’ Jalapenos, is just eight years old but he showed that age is no barrier. Watching him dance – in the fantastic foyer warm-up events – he quickly proved he has the confidence and the moves to be up there with the international acts at this year’s convention. Both the audience and the acts spanned several generations, which seemed to really add to the community feel of this event.

Phase T, from France, really took things to another level with their acrobatic b-boy display, which deservedly earned them a standing ovation. While local Edinburgh act Moving In Circles created a fantastic fusion of hip-hop and highland dancing in their original show HipHopScotch.

There was a notably stronger female contribution this year and Jackin’ The Box’s sharp choreography and high-energy style proved that the b-girls can give the b-boys a run for their money. Sebastien (France) and Raphael (Germany) fused visual effects and performance arts, to create the rather haunting but visually stunning Seuls Ensemble (Together Alone).

The entertainment and atmosphere may not have been your typical theatre night out… it was so much better!

Breakin’ Convention hosts events and tours around the UK, and is now open for submissions for 2011.

Photo Credit: Kirsty MacQueen


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