ChouChou Couture + Jenny Loof + Oui! Designs Fashion Show

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Photo: Silvia Pellegrino

Rena Niamh Smith

Photo: Silvia Pellegrino

Last night the beautiful Silvia Pellegrino of Chouchou Couture hosted an intimate fashion show in her penthouse city apartment; teaming up with other Glasgow labels Jennie Loof and Oui! Designs, the presentation was a range of designs around the theme of celebration, fit for the festive season. Loof’s sumptuous designs that mix vintage prints with a funky modern twist to produce kooky feminine pieces; gorgeous mini dress with great structural twists on the cowl necks, puff sleeves and panelling. Oui! Designs presented some elegant statement pieces; favourites with the guests were the simple silver tiaras with feather clips, one of which was snapped up by a bride-to-be to complete the look for her special day. Finally, Chouchou’s own collection; despite the winter theme, the shorts were short and tight! In typical Chouchou style, the sex factor was still very much present. We particularly had or eyes on her signature hoods, now with a sterling silver chain that makes them accessory-jewellery lovechild heaven. Ever the busy bee, this isn’t Silvia’s only project; look out for the next Bold Souls event thats happening next Sunday for more indie fashion shopping opportunities……………



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