Cut Copy @ The Arches, 03/03/11

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Photo credit: © Felipe Fontecilla

Jessie Rodger

Cut Copy don’t just sound good live, they look good too.  What better way to sum up their gig then, than through a metaphor of the band’s attire? They started off sharp and controlled in crisply starched shirts, but by the end of the night their shirts were crumpled, dripping with sweat and most definitely untucked.

Support for the night came from US duo Holy Ghost!, known primarily for their electro-pop remixes, they’re definitely a couple of disco afficionados to keep your eye on. Their set was a perfect 80s tinged preamble into the synth-fuelled pop that would follow from Cut Copy.

A sense of restrained expectancy hung in the air at The Arches as Cut Copy began their set, the crowd weren’t going to give in easily. The band responded similarly, a vision of style and precision with technical skills to match; they kept it all very cool, calm and collected. Then bam, they dropped Lights & Music and the room lit up with an explosion of visuals, energy and an ecstatic audience. From then on the vibe was transformed,  this was not just a gig but a party and you could see it from the smiles on every face staring back at the Aussie group bouncing about on stage. It really was a party for the band too, that day it was guitarist Tim’s birthday and led by lead singer Dan the arch gave a rendition of Happy Birthday in his honour. From then on the band’s shirts got progressively more sweaty, the crowds dance moves more wacky, until it all culminated in a frenzied performance of Hearts on Fire. A far cry from the reticent start, but all the better for the contrast.

Cut Copy definitely know how to do it, it was a great gig. It was all Lights & Music & much more.


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