Do You Like Dancing? ‘Cos GUM does.

This is the first playlist for GUM online and it is going to aim high. After all, new year, new start. But for a while let’s ignore the looming stress of real life and allow GUM to bring you the antidote to reality. This collection of tunes is especially for all you new freshers out there – prime cuts that will have you dancing your innocent wee socks off and others that will gladly soothe you the day after. Welcome to Glasgow Uni and remember to forever gie it yaldae.

[ONE] Jamie XX can seem to do no wrong and perfects his particular breed of brooding dubstep night music in this mix for Fact Magazine. Expect emotional vocals upon elegant garage beats with glitchy, echoing interludes that are continually fascinating.

[TWO] Glasgow based producer Rustie has risen in popularity and respect over the past year and is now a definite high-flyer. This track is an invigorating introduction if you’re yet to be converted. Boundless inventiveness has led Rustie to making this true original with synth-heavy electro that will definitely charm your pants off.

[THREE] New York based band The Rapture have returned with their irresistible blend of punky dance rock – the indie disco God has clearly been hearing our prayers. House-like piano chords open this track and point the listener firmly in the direction of “NOW IS THE TIME TO PARTY”. Listen to this with glitter on your face and endless vodka-fuelled joy in your heart.

[FOUR] So no-one may actually know what is going on in Björk’s head but this first song from her soon to be released album goes some of the way in exploring her wildly artistic brain. Complex and delicate in it’s composition, the jury is out as to whether this track is sublimely relaxing or a bit disturbing. Either way, ‘Crystalline’ is fascinatingly beautiful and the video entrancing. One for the morning after.

[FIVE] Laura Marling this week released a new album of thoughtful ponderings set upon more complex orchestrations than just an acoustic guitar. Her folk leanings take a turn towards country with this single ‘Sophia’ which gently builds up into a rollicking, chirpy ballad. There’s hope on the horizon for everyone when listening to this.


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