Double Helix (Ballad of a Nepo Baby)

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Words: Nikola Kolev (he/him)

Travel nourishes the soul
In my gap year I saw more than most people will in their lives
I’m more fortunate than them
So I have to save them
Filthy beggars on the street
Pickpockets-a-plenty, daddy’s signet ring got pinched

Mountain of fishscale, iridescent, gleaming under the kitchen lights
The flakes break apart in my numbing fingers
Uncut, like the fresh alpine snow under my skis
And if I hit rock bottom,
Daddy will just pay for rehab
Might even get to chop it up with his rockstar friends again

I know their suffering, their empty stomachs
We Only had the bare basics (from Waitrose)
Daddy Couldn’t afford a Rolls ‘til was fourteen
Chauffeur laced my shoes, no need for bootstraps
Now it’s my turn to put my nose to the grindstone
Being a poet’s hard, the favour won’t inherit itself
(Mum’s old classmate owns a printing press)

Order a bottle of Grey Goose. Actually, make it three
The sparklers adorning it bounce glitter off the ice in the cooler
Greek fire ‘cross the dance floor
Hoarse throats hiss like our burning flesh
The fire exit’s been barricaded
Gonna wet my whistle and drop some loose game
You should come to the loos with me
So I can put my keys in your nose
And my fingers somewhere else

All these thirsty third-world kids

Can’t bear to see them,

Daddy would have ripped up bills 

Before their eyes back home

     There’s much suffering in this world

I need to see all of it so I have something

To talk about during freshers

                                                   Oh well! Can’t help, 

I must move onwards

                                      I want everyone

They beg                                    

                                                               In the world

For scraps                                                                      

                                                               To have my face 

They fight                                                                                         


         Over nothing

                 On the inside

We take

                                                                                                                           Of their eyelids

                                                                        What’s ours

I want to own their sleep                                                

                                    We own their dreams

You’ll get used

To me soon

You’ll have to get used 

To how it is


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