A team of volunteers are set to run a one day 15 hour charity festival in 5 venues across

Bath Street and Bath Lane in Glasgow city centre on Saturday October 5.

In 2012 the Oxjam We’re Skint, They’re Skinter volunteers delivered a Festival for a Fiver

in SWG3, Distill and The 78 Café Bar, this year the festival has moved to the city centre

and will take place in The Buff Club, The Buff Low Café, Flat 0/1, Lucky Seven Canteen and


Oxjam We’re Skint, They’re Skinter, part of Oxjam – Oxfam’s month-long music festival,

started in January 2012 when volunteer Founder Lindsey McGhie decided to run a local

music event for charity. The name, content and price of the event were all crowd-sourced

by the people who connected with the festival through social media and the festival




Building on the success of last year’s Festival for a Fiver, the 2nd annual even will see a

variety of stalls, acoustic singer/songwriters, an assortment of Scottish bands, an Oxfam

pop up shop, pop up barber, and a ‘never been done before’ After Party across Flat 0/1 and

Lucky Seven Canteen. The event will also see performances from Michael Cassidy, Vagabond

Poets, Mono Six, Mickey 9s, Galoshins, We Found Out, Ifoundation, Anna Shields, Darrell

Muldoon and many more talented Scottish musicians bringing together a variety of Glaswegian

sounds to help raise money to fight poverty across the globe. All musicians are donating their

performances to Oxfam.



The festival will be open from 12noon until 3am on Saturday October 5. It’s absolutely free

to everyone from 12noon-7pm, £5 for 12noon-11pm and £7 for 12noon-3am when tickets

are bought in advance from Ticket Scotland. There will also be limited tickets available at the box

office on the day.


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