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Here are the first few entires in a regular street style column by Zsofia Dobak, the looks can also be found on her blog



Samantha and Natalie


Samantha (19) and Natalie (20) are friends, both in their 3rd years, studying psychology at the University of Glasgow. Samantha (on the right) likes to try new things a lot with fashion, she loves patterns and charity/vintage shops. Natalie (on the left) likes to shop at Topshop and Zara and gets her fashion inspiration mostly from just seeing what other people on the street are wearing. She really likes black clothes. I met the girls in the qmu café and as they both looked stunning, I had an easy job – ask them both if they would be okay if I took a photo of them.


Fashion GUM


Samantha’s outfit catches the eye with the short checked skirt and short Jack Daniels sweater. I like how it’s smart with the skirt and the shirt’s collar showing but casual (and hot – let’s just say it as it is) with the sweater and boots. That’s kind of an outfit that could be an everyday one but can also be perfect for going to a concert for example (a rock concert to be specific, as that is what comes to my mind when I look at this red-black combination with these boots – so chic!). Her glasses and watch are completing the look. If you are trying to copy her style, I think you can easily go with a tartan pleated skirt.



Natalie also chose a red-black combination, but with a completely different style. Her oversize black coat is my favourite and looks gorgeous on her. However, it is a tricky piece, as it can either make you look bigger than you are or might as well hide what it has to hide, depending on the particular coat’s tailoring. So it can be for every body shape, you just have to find the type that looks best on you.  Natalie definitely found it! She broke up the all black with a bright red top (you can go with any colour really, any shades of red is fine for example, but you can combine it with your favourite colour, just make sure it pops out of the blacks), which is a perfect choice, and the necklace she is wearing with it is the icing on the cake. It really is in fashion. If you get a similar chunky chain necklace you can combine it with many other outfits you already have.




Anna is in her final year at the The University of Glasgow. She is doing theatre studies. She loves vintage style, so often shops in vintage boutiques. She also likes Urban Outfitters and Topshop. She absolutely loves scarves! 


Anna GUM


What I love about her outfit is how she stands out in the crowd with these bright colours. Her coat is a statement piece, which she combined with a floral patterned big scarf (a risky but really well played combination here, as the edges of the scarf are exactly the same blue as her coat. If you are not sure that the two blue shades are a perfect match, you should rather pick a scarf in a completely different colour), and classic black Oxford shoes. If you think you would be cold in Oxfords, you could just wear boots instead for a similar combination. As she is wearing a skirt underneath which is not showing, the coat itself looks like a dress! Great trick for every girl, makes the look very feminine yet it is practical if worn with thick thights. You won’t get cold, but can still look very girly. I also loved the way she has done her hair with another silky scarf, matching with her other scarf’s floral print and her nails. And last but not least, her smile is her best accessory! 





Elvis is in his second year at the University of Glasgow, studying politics and business. He works at Hugo Boss (check that bag out!), and likes to shop at Zara. He’s got style. 


Elvis Nice GUM


What I like about his outfit – let me think – is everything. It’s perfect as it is. I just love shirts on guys, gives such a smart look compared to a simple T-shirt. And he showed it is cool to button up your shirt. Many guys just won’t do that, I mostly see them around wearing shirts unbuttoned at the neck. Both ways are equally good.


I quite liked his outfit with the scarf on as well, but he thought it’d look better without on the photos. Well, I can’t argue with someone so stylish! 


Elvis Duh GUM


Shoes-belt-bag combo flawless, what else can I say? That Hugo Boss bag was my favourite! I also like dark coloured leather satchels on men. And obviously, because I mentioned that the whole outfit is just perfect, I must also like the coat. Simple as that. Nothing more to say. Guys, if you need any advice on men’s fashion, I am sure Elvis would be there to help, as he was so kind and patient with the biggest smile.


But be prepared to face this expression if you ask a very stupid question (I honestly don’t know why I deserved it, maybe he was aware it would make a great shot! I hope so…).




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