Glasgow Business students create Eventhred

Glasgow University boasts a diverse range of talented and proactive students, and two entrepreneurial Business & Management students are definitely at the forefront of the cavalcade. Renata Pilikinaite and ­­­­Tadas Labudis have created a website which aims to collect information about upcoming events and present them with coherence and clarity.

The website,, gathers information from events scattered across the Internet and congregates them into one coherent, slick, and easy to use website, an online directory of where-to-go and what-to-see. The Alpha version is already live and is well into the swing of streamlining all the goings-on across the UK’s major cities, and the Beta version and iPhone App look ready to be available by mid-January. What Eventhread does is it provides all the necessary information for upcoming events, including directions through a map, links for purchasing tickets, and the option for refining searches according to event type, price, location, and date. This ability for personalized, individual searches of events is definitely rooted in the notions of no-nonsense, quick and easy web browsing, and it won’t only benefit the person browsing the site but also could lead to better exposure for events, particularly if a Facebook invitation somehow has eluded you.

It’s clear that the innovation and design of the website is extremely well executed, with the website looking simple yet glossy and polished. It has sparked the interest of entrepreneurial organizations too, having already won a Shell LIVEWIRE Grand Ideas Award and been shortlisted for the LiveWIRE Hot 40. The purpose of the award is to bring exposure to exciting new entrepreneurial talent, as Christelle Langenhoven, Shell LiveWIRE Programme Manager has said, “we hope that this award will help Renata and Tadas to develop their idea and bring even more success to their business.” Renata and Tadas certainly have large ambitions for Eventhread, aiming to create the go-to source for events-information. Their plans for the future is to expand not only its traffic but also its services: “we will focus on making more accurate recommendations by integrating the social graph, friend attendance, interests and other factors into our recommendations algorithm.” It definitely seems that this aggregation of upcoming events into a single, collectivized source is going to be an incredibly useful tool, particularly for a city like Glasgow with its constant stream of distinct and diverse happenings and events. Yes, Eventhread looks like it’ll be on the bookmark bar of many a web browser in the very near future.


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