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In the light of the article featured in the latest issue of GUM  on GU and GSA students interacting (or as it so happens, not interacting), I find it only too fitting that we are being given the chance, on a plate (and a fashionable one to boot), to amend this with the GSA Fashion Show. Last night consequently saw me heading over to SWG3 to have a swatch at what the GSA fashion and textile design students have to offer.

Admittedly, I did emerge from the show with something similar to information overload, and am consequently unable to name those whose designs I liked the best. However, I can nevertheless state, with confidence, that the show was proof of fresh vision, creativity and individuality. You’re definitely not forced to like everything – I certainly didn’t – but I’d recommend wandering down to have a look for yourselves, even if only out of sheer curiosity.

The show opened with monochrome looks by 2nd year Fashion Design students (a course which has only been running since 2010), with some very flattering shapes and many-a-play on texture (lace and wool combined? Yes please). It didn’t take long, however, for blacks, whites and greys to be supplanted by bright and show-stopping colours which came as a result of the third year Textile Design’s theme of “Shaping Journeys”. Obviously, some colour schemes were more subtle or muted than others but there was a general pattern of using contrasting colours (particularly primary ones, or turquoises paired with warmer shades of reds or oranges) and a great love of the pastel trend that is proving to be so popular for SS12. In this colourful display there was a definite nostalgia for summer with stripy weaves reminiscent of deckchairs, prints that oozed journeys to distant (and warm) locations or light, flowing fabrics that shouted summer.

With colour came a plethora of geometric shapes, whether printed triangles, accumulations of diamond-shaped segments, or the softer, more intricate lines of knitwear. Considering the show as a whole, there was an overall effect of garments being very sculptured or architectural which came as a complimentary contrast to the summer-holiday vibe – the likes of weave, print, knit or embroidery, combined with GSA flair are certainly enough to make visually strong pieces.

In terms of silhouette pretty much anything worked – from cinched waists, floor length skirts to cape-like garments, the students showed that they know what works best with their textile designs. And whilst I am mainly speaking about women’s wear, it should also be said that men’s wear had a turn in the spotlight too with some vibrant knits and prints which were enough to get anyone excited about the ever-recurring problem of finding adventurous male garments.

I shall stop there though – after all, we’re talking beautiful GSA designs here, and the words of a GU English Literature student by no means do them justice, so go feast your eyes and whilst you’re at it, bridge the GU-GSA divide!

The three shows this evening are at 5pm, 7pm and 9pm @ SWG3, 100 Eastvale Place.

Words by Ginger Clark


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