GUM Gets Excited: Happy Endofterm To You All!

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Yes, kids, it’s that time of year again – carols, mince pies, red-and-white themed sexy costumes and yet another excuse to party hard, we’d never get through winter without some festive cheer. At Glasgow University, each union offers it’s own brand of boozy night to send you all off home hungover and ready for a few weeks spent in close company with the family you’d almost forgotten you had. The GU’s Daft Friday has become a hearty institution and is the nearest thing we get to a university-wide black tie ball; no rugger boy or girl worth their weight in Jack Wills would risk missing a chance to don a nice kilt or frock and cause a ruckus to celebrate the end of exams. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as paying a whole whack of dosh on your DF ticket, not to mention the gladrags and grooming, to get drunker than you’ve been in months until you lose all powers of speech and the ability to stand up by yourself. Over at the QM, the Christmas Cheesy Pop is more forgiving on the pocket and dress code, being a big ole festive version of their Friday night classic. Both run right through til the dawn light and a big pat on the back and much bravado to anyone still dancing when the clock strikes 6. GUM will be attending both events in equal measure and reporting back on the madness and mayhem. To celebrate this season of the Megaparty, here’s a tasty hot cocktail from the spicy heartwarmer Southern Comfort. Forget mulled wine, if you’re serious about getting mashed this year, stick to the spirits, kids…………

Christmas Comfort

40ml Southern Comfort
20ml Lemon juice
80ml Cranberry juice
10ml Sugar syrup
Dah of bitters (optional)

1. Mix in a pan while heating gently; do not allow to boil.
2. Serve with a twist of orange

Southern Comfort will be providing a free taster pop-up bar at Daft Friday on Friday, 17 December at the GUU.


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