GUM Winter 2009/10 Editorial

The older I get the more people I meet. Even though some people remind me of childhood friends or a relative, no two have even been the same. 

Glasgow University Magazine tries to capture the diversity of the world that we live in. We (the team) write about all sorts of things that interest us and play around with the magazine’s layout design. Why should we limit ourselves to a set number of topics and a standard template now? We have plenty of time to spend around filing cabinets later in our life.

It is hard for us to make promises about what we will deliver in each issue because it depends on you. Yes – you! If you decide to contribute, you will change this magazine. The only thing I can introduce to you now is the contents of the issue that you are holding in your hands.

We open up with a discussion about Second World War films that seem to guarantee the lead actor an Oscar. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up we also dedicate a number of pages to  boys and girls: we talk about marriage, androgyny, dating ideas and the actual science behind the ‘warm, fuzzy feelings‘ that we experience. We are intrigued by the world of video games and enjoy good new music. Then we discover the world of student fashion, share our feelings about living in Glasgow and tell you what it was like to work as an art assistant. We even make it to the exotic land of Laos. 

So take time and start reading. There should be enough to get you through our ghastly winter.

See you in spring time,


P.S. There’s a lot in this issue that touches upon clothing and fashion. Why? My friend Mark Twain provides an explanation: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.“


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