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Kowton- photograph by Kenneth Shaw

GUM caught up with Kowton, the Bristol based, up and coming DJ/Producer who dominated the Mungo’s arena at Dimensions. His sound nods towards techno and house but like many great artists it is difficult to pigeon hole him and his set reflected his plethora of influences. Alongside Peverelist he is behind the Livity Sound a label; which holds wax in high regard and pushes limited, vinyl only releases. Despite being Bristol based, Kowton has strong ties to Glasgow, having played alongside Off Beat at La Cheetah and most notably his release ‘TFB’ on the All Caps Label.



What was the highlight of Dimensions for you?

Just playing there was amazing, each time was a highlight! Whether it was as Livity Sound, on the boat or at the Mungo’s stage on the Sunday, each set went really well. The amazing location adds so much to the atmosphere; I can’t imagine I’ll get to play anywhere as unique or intimidating as the moat for a little while.


Were there any downsides to Dimensions?

The food off site was horrendous every time we ate – I think a couple of people even got ill from it at one point. The Hessle crew maintained there was an amazing fish restaurant somewhere but we never found it.


How does playing at festivals differ from clubs- do you alter your set accordingly?

I think its important to be a bit more fun really, if there’s ever a time to be a bit more obvious and draw for the anthems its at a festival. Obviously you want to stay true to your sound but playing DJ tools to thousands of people can come across a bit dry at times.


Who did you enjoy seeing the most?

Scion and Tikiman was fantastic, I’m as much of a fanboy as everyone else when it comes to them. I thought everyone on the Hessle stage on Friday was sick, Funkineven smashed it, Anthony Naples killed it on the boat and Chris Farrell finished the Mungo’s stage perfectly.


The Subdub boat party was the highlight of my festival; did you manage to catch any boat parties yourself?

We did a little Idle Hands one with myself, Peverelist, Ron Morelli and Chris which was super fun. It had sold out but wasn’t rammed so there was plenty of space and the music was great throughout. From there we headed straight onto the Hessle boat and that was great too.


Do you reckon you’ll be back next year?

I hope so! Please book us again Simon, please…


Finally, what is your top festival tip?

Pedlo’s with water slides! I don’t really like slides or water but those were ace.

The Livity Compilation drops on the 14th October and you can catch Kowton alongside Peverelist and Asusu at the Livity Sound night at Sub Club on Friday 18th October.


– Lucy AB Molloy



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