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Sick of the average beret? Then look no further than Glasgow’s very own Jenivieve Berlin Millinery. Ginger Clark caught up with Jenivieve to ask her a few head-wear related questions.

How would you summarise Jenivieve Berlin Millinery in one sentence? 

Loud, Outrageous, Rebellious head wear for those who dare to be different!

What attracted you to millinery?

I used to make my own head pieces for myself and others in my dance school. I just couldn’t afford to pay a costume company to make them and knew that I could do it just as well myself. Since then my hobby has grown into a passion – an obsession even – and now I am a self confessed MILLINERY ADDICT! ‘Hi I’m Jenni & I’m a milliner..’

How do you go about creating a collection?

Once I have a basic idea in my head, usually inspired by music, I try to stick to a budget. As I am still at university and only have my part-time job to finance my exploits, I tend to try and use recycled and unconventional materials. When I was travelling round South East Asia during the summer I came across loads of lace, crystals and silks. It was excellent. I have also been lucky enough to inherit various bit and bobs including fur cut offs, vintage lace and gorgeous dyed feathers. A lot of these have been used in my current collection, Lace&Chain.

How would you describe the Glasgow fashion scene? How do you relate to it?

I think Glasgow’s fashion scene is significantly under-rated, there is so much talent out there. It is so fresh, exciting and best of all open to self-expression. The whole crew, from the models to the designers, are accepting of and extremely enthustiatic about emerging talent. Nothing seems to shock the Glasgow fashionistas, they lap up every drop of unconventionality. This is amazing as I’m anything but conventional…


If you could get anyone to wear one of your pieces, who would it be? Why?

My head wear is mental and pretty impratical at times. I think the couture pieces are best suited for a performer. Without sounding to cheesy I’d love to see someone like Lady Gaga or Jesse J sport a jB Millinery creation on a red carpet and of course I’d love to have another chance to make a hat for Peaches. She was excellent and so supportive. Peaches you rock!

What’s your vision for the future of millinery?

I want to start a millinery rebellion! I want to create outrageous catwalk pieces that will capture the heart of Scottish and even British Fashion. I want to be recognised and move on to do bigger shows throughout the UK as well as collaborate with top designers like my Glasgow-favourite Obscure Couture. Good thing come to those who wait, and when I finish my degree it will be full steam ahead for Jenivieve Berlin so Stephen Jones had better watch out!!!


Image Credits

Styling & Millinery – Jenivieve Berlin Millinery
Clothes – Obscure Couture
Models – Hazel Martin Debay De Lux
MUA – Ruth McIntosh
Hair – Lou Clavé from Toni & Guy
Nails – Karen Hale

Jewellery- Helen Swan Designer Jewellery
Assistant – Morvern Connelly
Photography – Dawntroversial Images


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