Kelvingrove Party in the Park

You are currently viewing Kelvingrove Party in the Park

How was it for you? Photos by Sean Anderson.


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Dance Junkie
Dance Junkie
13 years ago

nice pictures. particularly like the one with the tramped flag and bucky bottle. however cant help but notice out of a 7 hour event, most are of the 20 minutes at the end. Just like the rest of the media, it looks like the police horses were the main act at the party. The encore shall we say. Rather than talking about scuffles that happened at the end, why dont we all talk about how amazin the people, music and atmosphere was all damn day until the end.

Sean Anderson
13 years ago

I took these photos and only arrived halfway through the scuffle, so that’s my excuse.

But in any case, there isn’t really much of a story in a packed park on a sunny day. It happens most sunny summer weekends in Kelvingrove and, like many things involving a lot of people, isn’t worth the attention of the media.

So yea, what’s wrong with the media focussing in on what happened at the end?