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By Megan Farrimond (she/her)

Photo by R Nolan on Unsplash

This connection only existed in the early hours, 

Our secret world, my mind tries 

Too hard to connect with on my break at work

A higher state of consciousness

And she notices the seat in front

It’s reserved; Glasgow Central to Wigan North Western

Their usual route

He must be in the drinks carriage 

Trying to keep upright because they’re in a tunnel

And he’s balancing the tea

But then she’s walking with you

He never seems to let her help out

But he was always too nice

He’d picked up a paper too and gotten too cocky

Balancing it all and trying not to draw any attention

He didn’t have a ticket and she notices her reflection smile

And then she’s back in her seat watching him struggle 

I jump up and turn the handle –


I hit my head against the coffee machine

Watch it run dry

I check my watch and the handcuffs tighten –

The 9 to 5.


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