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Yasmin Ali, Music Editor

With clear stage presence and charisma, our masked anti-hero DOOM played a bass-driven set in Glasgow earlier this week. MF stands for ‘Metal Face’, in case there was any doubt, in homage to the rapper’s trademark mask.


Photo Credit: George Symington


Born Daniel Dumiel, the hip-hop star is a man of many monikers, a.k.a King Geedorah, Metal Face, Metal Fingers, Viktor Vaughn, Zev Love X and of course, as MC MF Doom [DOOM]. He recently dropped the MF from the latter stage name; and opted for uppercase fame, thanks to track ‘All caps’. DOOM is also known for his collaborations, appearing with artists guesting under aliases of Madvillain feat. Madlib; DangerDoom feat. Danger Mouse and Dilla Ghost Doom with Ghostface Killah.

The Arches is a fantastic venue: great atmosphere and sound quality in the expertly-lit vaults of Central Station. It boasts a spacious bar stage left within eye-line and earshot of the show should you tire of the mosh pit or bass amps at the front.

The crowd, though cooly aloof, has a demographic not beyond stereotyping. Predominately male, 18-25 age group, University-educated and decked out in baseball caps, sportswear and American college apparel. This much adidas® has not been seen in one hall in the city since Ian Brown last played Glasgow. Our sportswear-sporting crowd are not easy to please, and are roused to heckling at the slightest hint of an intermission in DOOM’s set, be it a pause between songs or the encore’s reprise. DOOM appeased the sports fans by strategically syncopating tracks with “Glasgow! Woop!”

DOOM’s fate is sealed; not one of peril, a smash success in Glasgow.


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