Nostalgia (pt II)

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Aoife Maguire

What is your best memory?

I managed a kids zone at a festival this summer and it was really really sunny one day and there were loads of circus people running round, and then there was kids running round and bubbles everywhere and stuff like that and it was just really damn beautiful and it was a really good day, that was cool.



Lara Delmage

What is your best memory?

Lara: That’s a really hard question. I can tell you my most painful memory?
GUM: Go on.
Lara: So I was skiing with my family, and I fell over, and my sister skied over my arm.
GUM: oh no!
Lara: And I fractured my arm, so yeah. It’s funny now, but at the time it was painful.



What song brings back memories?

Simple Plan – Welcome To My Life. It brings back memories of being an angsty teen.


Guillaume and Thelma

What’s the first film you saw in the cinema? 

G: A documentary of bird migration at age 6. I only found cinema is actually a fun place some years later.

T: A Disney movie – no, actually, it was Shrek. I think I was about 8.



What is your earliest memory?

Learning to ride a bike when I was five or six – I remember it because I fell. Or actually, can I say it was absorbing my twin in the womb?


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