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Last Saturday, the GU Photo Society (did you know there’s a Photo Society? well… there is) went away to Clydebank and ascended the Titan Crane. Pictures were of course taken, and here are some of mine.

(at Partick railway station)

(Tom going down for some sort of… exclusive angle?)

Exploring under the gutted... er, whatever this thing was.

(Exploring under the gutted… er, whatever this thing was.)

PhotoSoc! We take photos.

(Dasha at the top of the crane)

Not quite enough adventure for the day, some of us went off to Balloch at Loch Lomond for fish suppers and a walk around the park.

(Tom is a bit of a mentalist and went swimming in the Loch)

(Daniel on the train home)

The PhotoSoc meets regularly and you can sign up for our mailing list at for more information on upcoming events. We have regular talks, screenings, shoots, social events and things.

You can also find some shots taken by other people that day in the flickr pool at

thanks for reading!
Sean Anderson.


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