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Wednesday 9th March, 9pm, QMU

This is already the third time when the Glasgow University Polish Society team, cooperating with the International Society, is organising a great party for the International Women’s Day. Just for all the ladies that do not want to celebrate their very own holiday only by receiving flowers.

We are back again to the same venue after a year of experiments, namely, we will be in Qudos of the Queen Margaret Union. Before the regular dancing party, we have got many special treats for lovely ladies (as well as some for delightful men). Specifically, the first hour will be suitable for everyone. We’ve got some party games prepared for you, stuff like twister or donkey tail pinning. Everything is obviously prized and you can win some extra money for your extra drink at the bar. It will be also between 9 and 10pm, when you will be able to paint a guy – whenever you wish, whatever you want. Our model will be happy to be painted by any beauty in the room. After 10pm, we’ll be choosing the Mister Women’s Day. It is probably more appealing to women now, but all guys are invited to participate in a series of challenging games on stage, as well as vote for whom they think should be awarded the title and receive a kiss from our beautiful compere. All of those who are not that interested in the competition will have a splendid opportunity to enjoy drinks at cheesy pop prices to warm up before dancing. Obviously, if they won’t be too afraid to dance after our PolSoc male dancing crew finish their dancing performance. Not even to mention the salsa club, which will also entertain crowds with their dancing skills. Finally, everyone, who decided to buy a special raffle ticket, will have a chance to win an excellent prize, including some bottles of Polish beer, CDs and DVDs! Happy and warmed up, will be ready to start madness on the dance floor. Kuba and Fraser will mix some cheesy hits with drum’n’base, so everyone should find a wee treat for themselves just until 2 am.
Don’t miss the opportunity to attend what might be the most legendary student party at the University of Glasgow! Party games, Mister Women’s Day elections, unique dance show which even beats The Full Monty performance and much more – you can experience all that on Wednesday, 9th March, in Qudos (QMU). Kick off at 9pm, and remember to bring your QMU member card (last year’s cards are still valid, and if you don’t have one it only takes 2 minutes to get it at QMU between 9am and 5pm everyday, and it doesn’t cost a thing!).

All this is organised to remind ourselves that all women have a right to a good party! So, remember about good work-life balance, forget about your assignments, dissertations and other coursework just for one night and come to QMU to have fun with Polish Society and International Society!


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