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When basic living costs rise and recession overshadows, it’s time to peer into the dark recesses of the wardrobe and ask – can this collective mass of apparel withstand endurance in autumn and winter, as well as sustain one’s own sartorial satisfaction without feeling dull and drained as gloom clouds over?
The strength of one’s wardrobe acts in some way as an amour against external forces, both in seasonal and economic terms. Serious times call for a serious examining of one’s sense of dressing, and with an attention to detail and timeless staples one can persist as a man liberated from the woes of being in arrears without appearing dated by conservative circumstances.
Conveniently designers looked to the British garments and tradition of tailoring this season, which fits perfectly into any Scots of Englishman’s attire. The tweed is one such example, and can be found in a host of colours and weaves and Urban Outfitters. It’s durable, well tailored and can be paired with jeans, trousers, shirts or t-shirts depending on the desired look. The trench is a perpetual item that both creates a streamlined look against any outfit as well as protect against the – if ever there were a true British classic thats it.
American Apparel is a wicked place to pick out basic and quality-manufactured garments to coordinate any outfit at an affordable cost with a subversive, classical edge.


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