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Greta Fedaraviciute

Four more movies to add from the wild mix of GFF programme to our must see list.

“Norwegian Wood” [Anh Hung Tran, Japan, 2010]

“We have killed several interpreters” – says Vietnamese-French director about overcoming linguistic barriers when working with Japanese actors. Based on worldwide popular Haruki Murakami’s novel, “Norwegian Wood” is about student who faces death of close friend and then develops romantic relationships with two girls, one of which happens to be ex-girlfriend of the passed fellow. Whether you’re into Murakami’s stories, “The Beatles” or dreamlike Tokyo surroundings – there should be something to like about Norwegian Wood.

“Submarine” [Richard Ayoade, UK/USA, 2010]

If looking for something bizarre and brilliant, “Submarine” is the one to watch. Sweetly awkward 15-year-old is the centre of the comedy promising thoroughly enjoyable performances, original narrative, stylish music and maybe even laughter.

“Cell 211” [Daniel Monzon, Spain, 2009]

Action packed not an average prison movie about the guard who gets trapped in the middle of the riot with no other choice but to pretend to be one of the criminals. Tense and well crafted story can’t be ignored even by those not into violent prison dramas.

“In a Better World” [Susanne Bier, Denmark/Sweden, 2010]

Another nominee for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars this year. Two families relates through friendship of boys – one suffers from bullying at the school, other struggles with recent mother’s loss. Looks like one of  poignant Scandinavian dramas that doesn’t so much solve human-dilemmas as makes you wonder about them on the way home.

No doubt, there are more brilliant movies to see, and the best always gets discovered without notice, so pick yours and see you in the festival crowd.

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