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Photos by Cammy Henderson (styling caroline smyth, model is victoria middleton)

GUM caught up with Rehab Clothing, Glasgow’s hot new sellers on the scene, to talk about their new business venture and passion for vintage!

Photos by Cammy Henderson (styling caroline smyth, model is victoria middleton)
Photos by Cammy Henderson (styling Caroline Smyth, model: Victoria MiddletonTell us a bit about Rehab Clothing – who are you and when did you start up?

Hi Steven, care to introduce yourself?

“My name is Steven Dick; I graduated with a 2:1 Business Honors degree in June. Rehab Clothing was formed in October; we operated in a pre-launch stage throughout October and November selling via pop-up shops and individual listings on Marketplace. This was key to network, establish a contact list, build relationships and implement a clear direction. We launched officially on the 21st of December via our online marketplace shop.”

Where did the idea come from, how did you get started and why?

“I decided to go travelling across Italy and South East Asia for four months after studying; it was during this time I decided to start up Rehab Clothing when I returned. I had an interest in starting my own business from my studies and always maintained an interest in the fashion industry. As a keen vintage shopper myself I spotted an opportunity in the marketplace where we could add value.”

What do you sell?

“We sell unique vintage wear, everything from leather shorts and trousers, this seasons must have monochrome, 1980s dresses, vintage tees and blouses, vintage sportswear and military shirts and jackets.”


Where did you get the name ‘Rehab Clothing’?

“The name Rehab Clothing developed from the idea of rehabilitation of clothing, whether that is vintage clothing or re-working items to add to their character and style. Aside from this we love the name, we think its catchy and its versatile for marketing and promotional purposes.”

How do you appeal to students?

“Marketplace is a fantastic online platform to allow us to appeal to the student market, which is one of our core customer bases. In addition to this we will be operating pop-up shops at student friendly locations such as on campus. Our styling and pricing of our vintage clothing are key to capturing and maintaining the student market, being on point with current trends with a pricing point which fits in with our customers budget. Further to this students are at the heart of our business model, we offer work placement internships and work with students for photography, modeling and styling.”

What makes you different from other vintage sellers?

“We aim to bring our customers high quality unique vintage clothing at an affordable price. We will differentiate Rehab Clothing from other vintage sellers by keeping our pricing reasonable to our core customer base and staying on point with each seasons trends.”

Where can we shop?

“You can shop at our online boutique on ASOS Marketplace.  Our online address is www.marketplace.asos.com/boutique/rehab-clothing”

What can we expect to see from you next?

“We are continuing our presence on Marketplace, growing the number of unique vintage items and lines we offer. Our Spring 2013 collection will increase our shop to over 100 lines. Further to this we will be offering local customers a chance to snap up items at a range of POP UP shops at various locations around Glasgow / Scotland again. We hope to kick this off with a POP UP shop at our very own Glasgow University in February!”


Words: Rose Henderson


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Sandra White
Sandra White
11 years ago

can i pick up stuff from rehab anywhere in town?