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Dave Hunter

Glasgow Uni’s very own Red Cross Society held an HIV/AIDS awareness gig at the Flying Duck on Thursday 25th November with all of the proceeds from the evening going to a specific British Red Cross HIV project based at Lesotho in Southern Africa.

Thankfully, it was clear from the outset that the evening was not your typical run of the mill fundraiser. For a start, we were greeted by a plethora of red outfits as part of the very apt dress code and a ‘Cake and Condom’ stall which,  for the record were not actually sold as one item. Everyone also got the chance to plant their autograph on a drawing of the red cross ribbon.

It became apparent that the bands were fantastically diverse as well. Opening the bill was ‘The Wyre’ with a few acoustic numbers including a cover of The Coral’s ‘Dreaming Of You’ and an appetite for some funk bass. It must be said that even with the staggering amount of gigs going on in Glasgow, it’s not often you get a chance to hear a bluegrass band which came as a welcome change with ‘The Dirty Beggars’. They thrilled us all by getting everyone on their feet with some upbeat tunes which sound like they are plucked fresh from the depths of Southern America. So just how do you follow a bluegrass band, well with a rock/metal band of course!’ Contact Lost’ do have some gifted guitarists and even feature a bassist blessed with an indestructable bass after taking it for a few laps around the venue. Following them proved to be an easy task for Jazz/swing band ‘Charlie and the bachelors’ who had some excellent covers of standards such as ‘Fever’ and ‘Feeling Good’.

The Wyre


The Dirty Beggars

It was great to be involved in such a worthwhile project and the large mix of musical talent proved to have something for everyone.  Well organised and well thought out, they got their message across and I even managed to take back a slice of cake for the road home.


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