Red is of Teething

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Words: Naomi Egan she/her

Trigger warnings: Blood, ED, SA

Red is the colour of viscid mouth-blood

Sucking my skin through your teeth til it pops;

Hives emerging from virgin goosebumps

Scratching at neck-stains, rubbing my thighs

Til I can detach from your smoke-choked eyes

Red is the colour of Thursday nights, talking

Clawing at tree-roots, missing my footing

Ripping the flesh in my desperate scrambling

Red is the jelly you draw from my thumb

And telling myself that I relish the burn

Red is embarrassment, rightfully earned

Red is the colour of lovely anguish

Carnivore, greasy, fatty, delicious

Cursing your mouth and abhorring your kiss

Red’s losing minutes hand over fist

To sceptical thinking and

Paranoid drinking

Ceasing only when you’ve reached your limit

Red can’t mean stop if you’ll always persist

Red is weight dropping, breaking out in rashes

And seeing you in every room that my Dad is

I can feel your presence like scattered ashes

Your phantom existence is my forty lashes

I love you, I love you, that’s what the catch is

Red is slaver, and fingers gone numb

Red is waiting for calls that don’t come

Red is mistaking indifference for love

Red is the colour of three wasted months

Red is of teething, red is mouth-blood


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